USA Water Polo Q&A and Age Group Clinic in Austin at UT Swim Center on May 2nd-3rd

Congratulations to all the teams competing in the Texas High School State Water Polo Championship this weekend. The Southwest Zone is also hosting the Texas Age Group State Water Polo Championship on Sunday, May 4th for 8th/6th Grade & Younger athletes also at the UT Swim Center. Good luck to all teams this weekend.

Chris Ramsey-CEO of USA Water Polo, Claudia Dodson-USA Water Polo Director-Club & Member Programs, and Genai Kerr-former USA Water Polo Men’s Olympic/National Team player, will be at the tournaments all weekend with Q&A/Meet & Greet Sessions, and an 8th/6th Grade & Younger Clinic on Saturday from 2:30-4:00 pm.

Friday, May 2nd:
4:30-5:30 pm – USA Water Polo Q&A Session, Stands of UT Swim Center
5:30-6:30 pm – Meet & Greet, Second Floor of UT Swim Center

Saturday, May 3rd:
9:00-9:30 am – USA Water Polo Q&A Session, Stands of UT Swim Center
9:30-10:30 am – Meet & Greet, Second Floor of UT Swim Center

8th/6th Grade & Younger Clinic:
Cost: Athletes need to pay Admission to Texas HS State Champs
2:00-2:30 pm – Registration on 1st Floor of UT Swim Center
2:30-4:00 pm – Diving Well of UT Swim Center (No Parents on Deck!!!)

Sunday, May 4th:
10:00-11:00 am – USA Water Polo Q&A Session, Stands of Swim Center
11:00 am-12:00 pm – Meet & Greet, Second Floor of Swim Center

Chris Ramsey, CEO of USA Water Polo: Chris is responsible for carrying out the mission of USA Water Polo domestically and internationally. His work includes oversight of Olympic and national team programs, sport development, marketing and brand identity, international relations, along with finance and administration. His goals for the federation are sustained competitive excellence and national growth of the sport.

Claudia Dodson: Claudia joined USA Water Polo in January of 2011 as the Associate Director of Competition and became the Director of Club & Member Programs in late 2011. Claudia is no stranger to the game of water polo having played age group, high school, college and masters water polo. She also has served as a water polo referee, coach, parent, and club administrator.

Genai Kerr: Genai Kerr is a USA Water Polo Olympian, coach, mentor, and ambassador of the sport. As a member of the United States Men’s National Water Polo Team for 12 years, Genai played in the 2004 Athens Olympics, 2003 & 2007 Pan American Gold Medal games, and multiple World Championships. Genai played college water polo at UC Irvine and was a NCAA All-American in 1998 and 1999. Most recently he was named MVP of the 2012 US Open after he helped Newport Water Polo Foundation win the national championship.

Texas Age Group State Water Polo Championship (TAGS)

Sunday, May 4th at UT Swim Center – Austin, TX
Date: Sunday, May 4th.
Games will begin no earlier than 8:00 am on Sunday, May 4th and end no later than
5:00 pm. On May 2-3, the Texas High School Water Polo State Championships will be competed at the same
location. Come up early and watch the games on Saturday and play on Sunday.

Location: UT Swim Center on the campus of the University of Texas-Austin. There will be at least two all
deep 25 yard courses. For maps & directions, please go to

Division & Teams: All divisions are Coed. Athletes must meet both the age and grade criteria to play in a
specific division. Athletes can play in both divisions.

6th Grade & Younger/12U: Viper Pigeons Blue, Viper Pigeons Orange, Central Texas, Longhorn, Thunder
8th Grade & Younger Coed/14U:
• A Bracket: Viper Pigeons Green, St Marks, Thunder Silver, Viper Pigeons Black
• B Bracket: Thunder Black, Longhorn, Viper Pigeons Red

Format: The 6th Grade & Younger Division will play a round robin between all teams with any ties in final
placements broken by USA Water Polo tiebreak rules. The 8th Grade & Younger Division will play within
brackets which will seed the Championship Round All games will use 5:00 quarters using USA Water
Polo playing rules and each team will have two timeouts per game. If a game is tied after four quarters
(including round robin games), the teams will play normal USAWP overtime rules (straight to shoot out). All
schedules & results will be posted at

Awards: Championship Banners will be given to the 1st & 2nd place teams in each division.

Texas Age Group State Water Polo Championship Schedule-2014
NOTE: Team listed first wears white caps. White team starts to the left of the table.
Pool #1: North Pool (Right)

7:15 Pool Opens for warm up
8:00 Longhorn v. Viper Pigeons Red (8th Grade)
8:45 St Marks v. Viper Pigeons Black (8th Grade)
9:30 Longhorn v. Thunder (6th Grade)
10:15 Thunder Black v. Win 8:00 P#1 (8th Grade)
11:00 Win 8:45 P#1 v. Win 8:45 P#2 (8th Grade)
11:45 Viper Pigeons Orange v. Thunder (6th Grade)
12:30 Los 8:00 P#1 v. Los 8:45 P#2 (8th Grade,5th-7th RR)
1:15 Central Texas v. Thunder (6th Grade)
2:00 1st A v. 2nd B (8th Grade- Semi #1)
2:45 Los 8:45 P#1 v. Los 8:45 P#2 (8th Grade, 5th-7th RR)
3:30 Viper Pigeons Blue v. Thunder (6th Grade)
4:15 Win 2:00 P#1 v. Win 2:00 P#2 (8th Grade-1st/2nd)

Pool #2: South Pool (Left)
7:15 Pool Opens for warm up
8:00 No Game. Pool open for warmup.
8:45 Viper Pigeons Green v. Thunder Silver (8th Grade)
9:30 Viper Pigeons Orange v. Central Texas (6th Grade)
10:15 Viper Pigeons Blue v. Central Texas (6th Grade)
11:00 Los 8:00 P#1 v. Loser 8:45 P#1 (8th Grade, 5th-7th RR)
11:45 Viper Pigeons Blue v. Longhorn (6th Grade)
12:30 No Game
1:15 Viper Pigeons Orange v. Longhorn (6th Grade)
2:00 1st B v. 2nd A (8th Grade-Semi #2)
2:45 No Game
3:30 Central Texas v. Longhorn (6th Grade)
4:15 Loser 2:00 P#1 v. Loser 2:00 P#2 (8th Grade-3rd/4th)

Tournament Committee: John Rightmyer (Head Referee), Rudy Thomas (Viper Pigeons), Tom Andrews
(Longhorn), Mihai Oprea (St Marks), and Joe Linehan (Tournament Director). Protests are due 15 minutes after
the game in question to the Head Referee with a $50 protest fee (if protest is upheld, the $50 fee will be
refunded). All disputes, suspensions, etc. will be handled by the tournament committee.

TISCA High School Water Polo Regionals

State Qualifiers from this past weekend’s regional tournaments. Top four from each region qualify for the TISCA Texas High School Water Polo State Championships on May 2-3 at the UT Swim Center in Austin, TX.

North Boys:
1. St. Marks
2. Denton
3. Southlake Carroll
4. Denton Ryan
Co-MVP – Thomas Hyvarinen, Denton and Tim Simenc, St. Marks
Coach of Year – Mihai Oprea, St. Marks

North Girls:
1. Southlake Carroll
2. Rockwall
3. Flower Mound
4. Denton
MVP – Raena Eldridge, Southlake Carroll
Coach of Year – Joey Yglesias, Southlake Carroll

South Boys:
1. Clear Creek
2. Clear Lake
3. Brazoswood
4. Clear Springs
MVP – Jarred Castillo, Clear Creek
Co-Coach of Year – Jeff Otten, Friendswood and Anne Woolweaver, Clear Creek

South Girls:
1. Baytown Sterling
2. Clear Creek
3. Clear Springs
4. Clear Lake
Co-MVP – Callie Woodruff, Baytown Sterling and Nicole Herrick, Clear Creek
Coach of Year – Allie Hill, Baytown Sterling

East Boys:
1. The Woodlands
2. Jersey Village
3. Cypress Creek
4. Strake Jesuit
MVP – Cole Pollina, The Woodlands
Co-Coach of Year – Stuart Webb, Jersey Village and Jeff Chandler, Cypress Creek

East Girls:
1. Cypress Creek
2. St. Agnes Academy
3. Jersey Village
4. Lamar
MVP – Annie Eubanks, Cypress Creek
Coach of Year – Kaitlin Kelly, St. Agnes

West Boys:
1. Waco Midway
2. Alamo Heights
3. Round Rock
4. Anderson
MVP – Philip Bearid, Waco Midway
Coach of Year – Dan Marlin, Waco Midway

West Girls:
1. Round Rock
2. McNeil
3. Cedar Ridge
4. Anderson
MVP – Caroline Wallace, Round Rock
Coach of Year – Tom Arrendondo, Round Rock

Longhorn Spring Invite Results

Longhorn Spring Invite Results. Bold games are 12&Under, others 14&Under.

Longhorn V San Antonio 5-0 (8-9)
Longhorn White V Viper Pigeon Green 0-5 (14-13)
Centex V Viper Pigeon Red 3-20
Longhorn Orange V Viper Pigeon Black 0-5 (2-14)
Longhorn V Austin 5-0 (16-2)
Longhorn Gold V Viper Pigeon Green 0-5 (10-12)
Centex V San Antonio 5-0 (4-11)
Longhorn White V Viper Pigeon Black 0-5 (9-12)
Longhorn V Viper Pigeon Red 4-10

Longhorn V Austin 5-0 (9-11)
Longhorn White V Viper Pigeon Green 0-5 (8-10)
Centex V San Antonio 5-0 (4-16)
Longhorn Gold V Viper Pigeon Black 0-5 (12-10)
Viper Pigeon Red V San Antonio 5-0 (14-5)
Longhorn Orange V Viper Pigeon Green 0-5 (9-9)
Austin V Viper Pigeon Red 0-5 (8-16)
Longhorn White V Viper Pigeon Black 0-5 (9-8)
Longhorn V Centex 11-5

USAWP National Junior Olympics Entries

Entries are now open for the 2014 Southwest Zone Junior Olympics Qualifier and National Junior Olympics Championships.
Please note that we have created a new registration process for your convenience.
The New Junior Olympic and Junior Olympic Qualifier Registration allows you to register ALL teams prior to making a payment. For your registration to be active 50% payment required for Junior Olympics.

Register online: here

Southwest Zone Qualifier Tournament Info:
Tournament Dates – June 7 – 8, 2014
Qualifier/NJO Entry Deadline – Friday, May 23 at 9:00 pm (PT)
(Neither registration is considered active until 50% of NJO payment has been received.)
Qualifier Roster Deadline – Friday, May 23 at 9:00 pm (PT)
Qualifier Roster Lockdown Deadline – Friday, May 30 at 9:00 pm (PT) *
*Any changes made to a roster between April 18 and April 25 will incur a $100 late roster charge.