Dallas Summer Classic Results

HOPS and West Houston won the Dallas Summer Classic. Division, Teams, & Final Standings:

Men’s Open:
2. Thunder Black
3. VP Heat
4. Dallas Blue
5. Rockwall
6. Thunder Masters
7. VP Spurs
8. Dallas Red

Women’s Open:
1. VP Blazers
3. Thunder Masters
4. Thunder Blue
5. Thunder Red
6. VP Pacers

18U Boys/coed:
1. VP Sonics
2. VP Warriors
3. Jesuit Green
4. Thunder Green
5. Jesuit White
6. Thunder Yellow
7. VP Rockets
8. Thunder Orange

14U Coed:
1. VP Celtics
2. Thunder Maroon
3. Thunder Gold
4. VP Grizzlies
5. St Marks
6. Longhorn

12U Coed
1. Thunder Silver
2. Thunder White
3. VP Lakers
4. Longhorn

Dallas Summer Classic Results-Saturday June 21st
Southlake Pool #1 – Diving Boards
8:00 HOPS-14, VP Spurs-5 (Men)
8:50 Thun Black-16, Dallas Red-1 (Men)
9:40 Dallas Blue-12, VP Heat-6 (Men)
10:30 Thun Masters-13, Rockwall-5 (Men)
11:20 HOPS-14, Dallas Red-4 (Men)
12:10 Thun Black-21,VP Spurs-4 (Men)
1:00 Dallas Blue-19, Rockwall-2 (Men)
1:50 Thun Masters-11, VP Heat-15 (Men)
2:40 VP Spurs-10, Dallas Red-2 (Men)
3:30 HOPS-7, Thunder Black-11 (Men)
4:20 VP Heat-12, Rockwall-9 (Men)
5:10 Dallas Blue-15, Thun Masters-6 (Men)
6:00 ThunGreen-15, Jesuit White-12 (18U)
6:50 GLOW-8, Thun Masters-2 (Women)
7:40 VP Blazers-10, VP Pacers-2 (Women)

Southlake Pool #2 – Entrance/Offices
8:00 GLOW-10, Thunder Red-8 (Women)
8:50 VP Blazers-8, Thun Blue-7 (Women)
9:40 VP Pacers-4,ThunMasters-10 (Wom)
10:30 VP Sonics-12, Thun Yellow-4 (18U)
11:20ThunOrange-3,JesuitGreen-11 (18U)
12:10 ThunGreen-15, VP Rockets-2 (18U)
1:00 VP Warriors-16, JesuitWhite-6 (18U)
1:50 VP Pacers-3, Thun Red-5 (Women)
2:40 GLOW-7, Thunder Blue-10 (Women)
3:30 VP Blazers-8,ThunMaster-5 (Women)
4:20 ThunOrange-5, ThunYellow-17 (18U)
5:10 VP Sonics-9, Jesuit Green-8 (18U)
6:00 VP Warriors-12, VP Rockets-3 (18U)
6:50 Thunder Blue-7, ThunRed-6(Women)

Denton ISD Natatorium
12:00 Thun Maroon-13, Longhorn-3 (14U)
12:45 VP Celtics-17, Thunder Gold-0 (14U)
1:30 ThunWhite-12, ThunSilver-13 (12U)
2:15 VP Grizzlies-11, Longhorn-1 (14U)
3:00 VP Lakers-13, Longhorn-5 (12U)
3:45 St Marks-3, Thunder Gold-12 (14U)
4:30 ThunMaroon-12, VP Grizzlies-5 (14U)
5:15 Thunder Silver-10, Longhorn-7 (12U)
6:00 VP Celtics-16, St Marks-0 (14U)
6:45 VP Lakers-9, Thunder White-10 (12U)
7:30 VP Grizz-11, St Marks-10 (14U)
8:15 Longhorn-1, Thunder Gold-14 (14U)

Dallas Summer Classic Schedule-Sunday June 22nd
Southlake Pool #1 – Diving Boards
7:30 VP Sonics-11, Th Orange-3 (18U)
8:20 Th Green-10, VP Warriors-11 (18U)
9:10 VP Spurs-5, Rockwall-13 (Men’s)
10:00 DallasRed-9, Th Masters-13 (Men’s)
10:50 Th Black-12, VP Heat-10 (Men’s)
11:40 HOPS-10, Dallas Blue-8 (Men’s)
12:30 VP Spurs-6, Dallas Red-5 (Men-7th)
1:20 Rockwall-11, Th Masters-8 (Men-5th)
2:10 VP Heat-9, Dallas Blue-8 (Men-3rd)
3:00 Th Black-10, HOPS-12 (Men-1st)
3:50 Th Blue-5, Th Masters-7 (Women)

Southlake Pool #2 – Entrance/Offices
7:30 VP Rockets-9 v. Jesuit Wh-12 (18U)
8:20 Th Yellow-1, Jesuit Green-9 (18U)
9:10 GLOW-7 v. VP Blazers-8 (Women)
10:00 Th Blue-10, VP Pacers-6 (Women)
10:50 Th Red-4, Th Masters-5 (Women)
11:40 VP Rock-15, Th Orange-9 (18U-7th)
12:30 Jesuit W-13, Th Yellow-7 (18U-5th)
1:20 Th Green-6, Jesuit Green-9 (18U-3rd)
2:10 VP Warriors-3, VP Sonics-4 (18U-1st)
3:00 Th Red-11, VP Blazers-2 (Women)
3:50 GLOW-9, VP Pacers-1 (Women)

Denton ISD Natatorium
8:00 Th White-12, Longhorn-8 (12U)
8:45 VP Lakers-6, Th Silver-12 (12U)
9:30 St Marks-17, Longhorn-4 (14U-5th)
10:15 VP Celtics-14, VP Grizz-2 (14U)
11:00 Th Marroon-11, Th Gold-10 (14U)
11:45 VP Lakers-13, Longhrn-8 (12U-3rd)
12:30 Th Silver-8, Th White-6 (12U-1st)
1:15 VP Grizz-6, Th Gold-9 (14U-3rd)
2:00 VP Celtic-15, Th Maroon-9 (14U-1st)

Southwest Zone Championships Results

Final Standings-

12U Boys/Girls:
1. Thunder
2. Viper Pigeon Boys
3. Viper Pigeon Girls
4. Longhorn

14U Lone Star:
1. Thunder Girls/Coed
2. Viper Pigeon Girls
3. *St. Marks
4. *Central Texas

14U Boys:
1. Thunder
2. Viper Pigeon Green
3. Longhorn
4. Viper Pigeon Black

16U Girls:
1. Viper Pigeon Green
2. Thunder
3. Viper Pigeon Black

18U Girls
1. Thunder
2. Viper Pigeon Green
3. Viper Pigeon Black
4. *Rockwall

18U/16U Lone Star:
1. *St Marks
2. *Rockwall
3. *Thunder
4. *Central Texas

16U Boys:
1. Thunder
2. Viper Pigeon Green
3. Viper Pigeon Red
4. Viper Pigeon Black
5. Jesuit Green
6. Jesuit White

18U Boys:
1. Viper Pigeon Green
2. Thunder Black
3. Thunder Silver
4. Viper Pigeon Black
6. Jesuit

*Teams NOT attending NJO’s (were not trying to qualify)

12:30 Viper Pigeon Boys-12 v. Longhorn Boys-5 (12U)
1:15 Viper Pigeons Girls-10 v. St Marks-9 (14U-Lone Star)
2:00 Viper Pigeons Green-13 v. Longhorn-5 (14U Boys)
2:45 Viper Pigeon Boys-8 v. Viper Pigeon Girls-4 (12U)
3:30 VP Girls-8 v. Thunder Girls/Coed -12 (14U-Lone Star)
4:15 Viper Pigeons Green-11 v. Viper Pigeons Black-5 (14U Boys)
5:00 Viper Pigeon Boys-1 v. Thunder Boys-18 (12U)
5:45 Viper Pigeon Girls-12 v Centex-8 (14U-Lone Star)
6:30 Viper Pigeons Green-9 v. Thunder -10 (14U Boys)
7:15 Viper Pigeons Green-9 v. Viper Pigeons Red-4 (16U Boys
12:30 Thunder Boys-16 v. Viper Pigeon Girls-3 (12U)
1:15 Thunder Girls/Coed-12 v. Centex-8 (14U-Lone Star)
2:00 Viper Pigeons Black-4 v. Thunder-14 (14U Boys)
2:45 Thunder Boys-17 v. Longhorn-1 (12U)
3:30 St Marks-8 v. Centex-6 (14U-Lone Star)
4:15 Thunder-15 v. Longhorn-6 (14U Boys)
5:00 Longhorn Boys-9 v. Viper Pigeon Girls-11 (12U)
5:45 St Marks-9 v. Thunder Girls/Coed -12 (14U-Lone Star)
6:30 Viper Pigeons Black-12 v. Longhorn-15 (14U Boys)
7:15 Thunder-23 v. Jesuit White-2 (16U Boys)
7:30 Jesuit Green-5 v. VP Red-7 (16UB)
8:15 VP Green-10 v. VP Black-4 (18UG)
9:00 Thunder Silver-13 v. Jesuit-5 (18UB)
9:45 VP Green-13 v. Jesuit Green-5 (16UB)
10:30 VP Green-14 v. Rockwall-2 (18UG)
11:15 VP Green-16 v. Jesuit-0 (18U Boys)
12:00 Thunder-10 v. VP Black-2 (16UG)
12:45 VP Green-2 v. Thunder-12 (16UB-1st)
1:30 VP Green-7 v. Thun Silver-14 (18UB)
2:15 VP Green-6 v. Thunder-0 (16UG-1st)
3:00 VP Black-14 v. Rockwall-5 (18UG)
3:45 VP Green-12 v. Thunder-13 (18UG)
4:30 VP Green-5 v. Thun Blk-4 (18UB-1st)
7:30 VP Black-9 v. Jesuit White-7 (16UB)
8:15 Thunder-15 v. Rockwall-3 (18U Girls)
9:00 VP Black-7 v. HOLA-6 (18U Boys)
9:45 Thunder-11 v. VP Black-1 (16U Boys)
10:30 VP Black-4 v. Thunder-12 (18UG)
11:15 Thun Black-22 v. HOLA-4 (18UB)
12:00 Jesuit G-12 v. Jesuit W-4 (16UB-5th)
12:45 VP Red-10 v. VP Blk-9 (16UB-3rd)
1:30 Thun Black-15 v. VP Black-2 (18UB)
2:15 Thunder-2 v. St Marks-11 (18U-LS)
3:00 Rockwall-15 v. Centex-9 (18U-LS)
3:45 Jesuit-2 v. HOLA-5 (18U Boys-5th)
4:30 Thun Sil-10 v. VP Blk-7 (18UB-3rd)
7:30 Thunder-5 v. Centex-0 (18U-Lone Star)
8:15 St Marks-12 v. Rockwall-4 (18U-LS)
9:00 VP Green-10 v. VP Black-2 (16U Girls)
9:45 Thunder-6 v. Rockwall-16 (18U-LS)
10:30 St Marks-5 v. Centex-0 (18U LS)

Southwest Zone Championship-2014

Date & Location: June 7-8, 2014 at the UT Swim Center (Austin, TX), http://www.tsc.utexas.edu/.
Age Determination/Eligibility: An athlete’s age is determined as their age on August 1, 2014.
Divisions & Teams: The teams/divisions with an asterisk (*) are not entered in NJO’s.
• 18U Girls: Viper Pigeons Green, Viper Pigeons Black, Thunder Black, *Rockwall/Centex
• 18U Boys:
Ø A Bracket: Viper Pigeons Green, Thunder Silver, Jesuit
Ø B Bracket: Thunder Black, Viper Pigeons Black, HOLA
• *18U Boys-Lone Star Division (4): St Marks, Rockwall, Thunder, Centex
• 16U Girls: Viper Pigeons Green, Viper Pigeons Black, Thunder
• 16U Boys:
Ø X Bracket: Viper Pigeons Green, Jesuit A, Viper Pigeons Red
Ø Y Bracket: Thunder, Viper Pigeons Black, Jesuit B
• 14U Boys: Viper Pigeons Green, Viper Pigeons Black, Thunder, Longhorn
• 14U-Lone Star Division: Viper Pigeons Girls, Thunder Girls/Coed, *St Marks, *Centex
• 12U Boys/Girls: Viper Pigeon Boys, Thunder Boys, Longhorn Boys, Viper Pigeon Girls
Format: All games will have 5:00 quarters using USA Water Polo rules. Ties within brackets/Round Robin play will also use
USA Water Polo rules to determine placing/seeding. Each team will receive two timeouts per game. All games will be played until there is a winner. Games tied after four quarters will go straight to a shootout. The schedule/results will be posted at www.southwestwaterpolo.org.
Southwest Zone Championship Schedule (Team listed first wears white caps. White team starts to the left of the table)

Saturday, June 7th: Pool #1 – Left Pool
11:45 Pool Open for Warm-Up
12:30 Viper Pigeon Boys v. Longhorn Boys (12U)
1:15 Viper Pigeons Girls v. St Marks (14U-Lone Star)
2:00 Viper Pigeons Green v. Longhorn (14U Boys)
2:45 Viper Pigeon Boys v. Viper Pigeon Girls (12U)
3:30 Viper Pigeon Girls v. Thunder Girls/Coed (14U-Lone Star)
4:15 Viper Pigeons Green v. Viper Pigeons Black (14U Boys)
5:00 Viper Pigeon Boys v. Thunder Boys (12U)
5:45 Viper Pigeon Girls v Centex (14U-Lone Star)
6:30 Viper Pigeons Green v. Thunder (14U Boys)
7:15 Viper Pigeons Green v. Viper Pigeons Red (16U Boys)
8:00 Viper Pigeons Green v. Thunder (16U Girls)

Saturday, June 7th: Pool #2 – Right Pool
12:15 Pool Open for Warm-Up
12:30 Thunder Boys v. Viper Pigeon Girls (12U)
1:15 Thunder Girls/Coed v. Centex (14U-Lone Star)
2:00 Viper Pigeons Black v. Thunder (14U Boys)
2:45 Thunder Boys v. Longhorn (12U)
3:30 St Marks v. Centex (14U-Lone Star)
4:15 Thunder v. Longhorn (14U Boys)
5:00 Longhorn Boys v. Viper Pigeon Girls (12U)
5:45 St Marks v. Thunder Girls/Coed (14U-Lone Star)
6:30 Viper Pigeons Black v. Longhorn (14U Boys)
7:15 Thunder v. Jesuit B (16U Boys)

Sunday, June 8th: Pool #1 – Left Pool
6:45 Pool Opens for Warm-up
7:30 Jesuit A v. VP Red (16U Boys)
8:15 VP Green v. VP Black (18U Girls)
9:00 Thunder Silver v. Jesuit (18U Boys)
9:45 VP Green v. Jesuit A (16U Boys)
10:30 VP Green v. Rockwall (18U Girls)
11:15 VP Green v. Jesuit (18U Boys)
12:00 Thunder v. VP Black (16U Girls)
12:45 1st X v. 1st Y (16U Boys-1st/2nd)
1:30 VP Green v. Thun Silver (18U Boys)
2:15 1st Seed v. 2nd Seed (16U Girls-1st/2nd)
3:00 VP Black v. Rockwall (18U Girls)
3:45 VP Green v. Thunder (18U Girls)
4:30 1st A v. 1st B (18U Boys-1st/2nd)

Sunday, June 8th: Pool #2 – Right Pool
6:45 Pool Opens for Warm-up
7:30 VP Black v. Jesuit B (16U Boys)
8:15 Thunder v. Rockwall (18U Girls)
9:00 VP Black v. HOLA (18U Boys)
9:45 Thunder v. VP Black (16U Boys)
10:30 VP Black v. Thunder (18U Girls)
11:15 Thunder Black v. HOLA (18U Boys)
12:00 3rd X v. 3rd Y (16U Boys-5th/6th)
12:45 2nd X v. 2nd Y (16U Boys-3rd/4th)
1:30 Thun Black v. VP Black (18U Boys)
2:15 Thunder v. St Marks (18U-Lone Star)
3:00 Rockwall v. Centex (18U-Lone Star)
3:45 3rd A v. 3rd B (18U Boys-5th/6th)
4:30 2nd A v. 2nd B (18U Boys-3rd/4th)

Sunday, June 8th: Pool #3 – Diving Well
6:45 Pool Opens for Warm-up
7:30 Thunder v. Centex (18U-Lone Star)
8:15 St Marks v. Rockwall (18U-Lone Star)
9:00 VP Green v. VP Black (16U Girls)
9:45 Thunder v. Rockwall (18U-Lone Star)
10:30 St Marks v. Centex (18U Lone Star)

Tournament Committee: Vern Heimbigner (Head Referee), Chris Cullen (Thunder), Scott Slay (Viper Pigeons), Tom Andrews (Longhorn), and Joe Linehan (Tournament Director). Protests are due 15 minutes after game in question to the head referee OR tournament director with a $50 protest fee (if protest is upheld, the $50 fee will be refunded). All disputes, suspensions, etc. will be handled by the tournament committee.