USAWP National Junior Olympics


The USA Water Polo National Junior Olympics begins tomorrow in Orange County, CA and runs July 25-28 for Boys and July 30-Aug 2 for Girls.

Offical website is here:

Teams competing from the Southwest Zone are listed below.  Track there progress on this site starting Saturday.

18U Boys (7): Thunder, Viper Pigeon Southeast, Jesuit, Viper Pigeon West, HOLA, Jesuit, Viper Pigeon South, Longhorn

18U Girls (4): Viper Pigeons Northwest, Thunder, Viper Pigeons West, HOLA

16U Boys (6): Thunder, Viper Pigeons Northwest, Viper Pigeons Southeast, Viper Pigeons North, Jesuit, Viper Pigeons South

16U Girls (4): Thunder, Viper Pigeons Northwest, Viper Pigeons South, Viper Pigeons West

14U Boys (3): Thunder, Longhorn, Viper Pigeons

14U Girls (2): Viper Pigeons, Thunder

12U Boys (3): Viper Pigeons, Longhorn, Thunder

12U Girls (1): Viper Pigeons

10U Mixed (1): Viper Pigeons