2015 Connor Cup Awards


Below are the top three placing clubs for the 2015 Connor Cup Series in each of the three contested divisions (Men’s, Women’s and Age Groups Divisions).  The Connor Cup Series was established to promote club competition and participation in Southwest Zone sanctioned USA Water Polo events.  For each Connor Cup Division, points are awarded based on event final placing and participation (men’s and women’s only).  All Connor Cup results, scoring system, and past results can be found at http://www.southwestwaterpolo.org/?page_id=16.

Connor Cup – Age Group
1. West Houston WPC (Viper Pigeons)
2. Thunder Water Polo
3. St Marks Water Polo Club

Connor Cup – Women’s Division
1. Thunder Water Polo
2. Austin WPC
3. West Houston WPC (Viper Pigeons)

Connor Cup – Men’s/Open Division
1. Longhorn Aquatics
3. Dallas WPC