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Congratulations to the Viper Pigeons Green team in the 6th Grade & Younger Division, The Thunder Girls in the 8th Grade & Younger Girls Division, and the Thunder Black team in the 8th Grade & Younger Division.  All of the athletes competed hard, showed great sportsmanship, learned, and had fun.  A big thank you goes out to West Houston/Viper Pigeons parents who helped host the event and did a fantastic job with the hospitality room and working the tables.  We will again have this tournament in late April/early May in Spring 2017.

8th Grade & Under Coed
1. Thunder Black
2. Viper Pigeons Purple
3. Zilla
4. St Marks
5. San Antonio
6. North Houston
7. Viper Pigeons Red
8. Thunder Silver
9. Viper Pigeons Orange

8th Grade & Under Girls
1. Thunder
2. Viper Pigeons

6th Grade & Under
1. Viper Pigeons Green
2. Trident
3. Thunder
4. Viper Pigeons Blue
5. Viper Pigeons Yellow

Saturday, April 23rd: Pool #1, Diving Boards
11:10 St Marks-16 v. Viper Pigeons Orange-6 (14U)
12:00 Thunder Black-14 v. Viper Pigeons Red-2 (14U)
12:50 Break – No Game
1:40 Zilla-19 v. Viper Pigeons Orange-8 (14U)
2:30 North Houston-7 v. Viper Pigeons Red-3 (14U)
3:20 Viper Pigeons-5 v. Thunder-9 (14UG)
4:10 St Marks-8 v. Zilla-9 (14U)
5:00 Thunder Black-20 v. North Houston-3 (14U)
5:50 Break – No Game
6:40 1st A-Zilla-16 v. 2nd B-San Antonio-15 (14U)
7:30 1st B-VP Purple-21 v. 2nd C-North Houston-8 (14U)
Saturday, April 23rd: Pool #2, Entrance
11:10 Viper Pigeons Purple-16 v. San Antonio-6 (14U)
12:00 Trident-26 v. VP Yellow-2 (12U)
12:50 VP Green-19 v. VP Blue-3 (12U)
1:40 Thunder Silver-11 v. San Antonio-16 (14U)
2:30 Thunder-16 v. VP Blue-6 (12U)
3:20 Trident-12 v. VP Green-7 (12U)
4:10 Viper Pigeons Purple-19 v. Thunder Silver-11 (14U)
5:00 Thunder-17 v. VP Yellow-5 (12U)
5:50 Trident-17 v. VP Blue-3 (12U)
6:40 Thunder-12 v. VP Green-15 (12U)
7:30 1st C-Thunder Black-16 v. 2nd A-St Marks-2 (14U)
Sunday, April 24th: Pool #1, Entrance
8:00 VP Orange-5 v. Thunder Silver-7 (14U, RR 7th-9th)
8:50 Zilla-5 v. VP Purple-15 (14U, RR 1st-3rd)
9:40 VP Orange-4 v. VP Red-6 (14U, RR 7th-9th)
10:30 San Antonio-3 v. St Marks-14 (14U, RR 4th-6th)
11:20 Zilla-6 v. Thunder Black-20 (14U, RR 1st-3rd)
12:10 ViperPigeons-1 v. Thunder-3 (14UG, 1st/2nd Place)
1:00 North Houston-2 v St Marks-14 (14U, RR 4th-6th)
1:50 VP Purple-5 v. Thunder Black-19 (14U, RR 1st-3rd)
Sunday, April 24th: Pool #2, Diving Boards
8:00 San Antonio-15 v. North Houston-5 (14U, RR 4th-6th)
8:50 VP Blue-15 v. VP Yellow-3 (12U)
9:40 Trident-7 v. Thunder-0 (12U)
10:30 VP Green-14 v VP Yellow-1 (12U)
11:20 Thunder Silver-6 v. VP Red-11 (14U, RR 7th-9th)
12:10 Thunder-16 v. VP Blue-6 (12U, 3rd/4th Place)
1:00 VP Red-10 v. Thunder Silver-9 (14U, 7th/8th Place)
1:50 Trident-10 v. VP Green-4 (12U, 1st/2nd Place)

Thunder 8th Grade Boys – 1st Place:2016TAGS-8thBoys1st-Thunder

Viper Pigeons 6th Grade – 1st Place:2016TAGS-6thGrade1st-VP

Thunder 8th Grade Girls – 1st Place:2016TAGS-8thGirls1st-Thunder