Armadillo Classic Results

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Games scores and standings from the Armadillo Classic are list below and details can be found here: The Connor Cup Age Group standings have also been updated.

Saturday, September 10th
Southlake Pool #1: Diving Boards

11:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
12:00 VP Potato-4 v. Thun Black-16 (16U)
12:50 VP Tots-14 v. Thun Silver-11 (16U)
1:40 VP Hamburg-11 v. Trid Red-2 (18UB)
2:30 VP Potato-6 v. Thun Silver-11 (16U)
3:20 Trident Blue-17 v. Th White-6 (18UB)
4:10 ThunBlack-15 v. Trident Red-1 (18UB)
5:00 VP Tots-12 v. Thun Black-14 (16U)
5:50 Trid Blue-9 v. Cy Fair-5 (18UB)
6:40 Th Black-13 v. VP Hamburg-2 (18UB)

Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
11:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
12:00 ViperPigeon-6 v. Thunder-11 (16UG)
12:50 Trid Blue-11 v. VP Eggrolls-3 (14U)
1:40 Thun Silver-15 v. Longhorn-1 (18UB)
2:30 Cy Fair-7 v. VP Fries-10 (18UG)
3:20 Cy Fair-13 v. Thun Yellow-2 (18UB)
4:10 VPCornDogs-15 v. Longhorn-4 (18UB)
5:00 Cy Fair-6 v. Thunder Red-14 (18UG)
5:50 Th White-12 v. Th Yellow-9 (18UB)
6:40 VP CornDogs-11 v. Th Silver-7 (18UB)

Southlake Pool #3: Entrance
11:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
12:00 Longhorn-4 v. Trid Red-13 (14U)
12:50 VP Wraps-11 v. ThuSilver-0 (14U)
1:40 Thun Black-13 v. Tri Red-14 (14U)
2:30 VP Onion-2 v. Thun Red-17 (18UG)
3:20 Vp Eggrolls-11 v. Th Silver-5 (14U)
4:10 Trident Blue-1 v. VP Wraps-8 (14U
5:00 VP Onion-2 v. ThunBlue-11 (18UG)
5:50 Thun Black-7 v. Longhorn-8 (14U)
6:40 VP Fries-9 v. Thu Blue-17 (18UG)

Sunday, September 11th
Southlake Pool #1: Diving Boards

7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 VP Potato-6 v. Thun Black-13 (16U)
8:20 VP Tots-12 v. Thun Silver-10 (16U)
9:10 Cy Fair-7 v. Th Silver-10 (18UB, 4-6)
10:00 TridBlue-8 v. VP Corn-6 (18UB,1-3)
10:50 VP Potato-8 v. Th Silver-13 (16U-3rd)
11:40 VP Hambu-4 v. ThSilv-13 (18UB,4-6)
12:30 ThBlk-13 v. VP Corn-8 (18UB, 1-3)
1:20 VP Tots-13 v. ThBlack-19 (16U-1st)
2:10 VPHamburg-9 v. Cy Fair-8 (18UB,4-6)
3:00 Th Black-12 v. Trid Blue-7 (18UB,1-3)

Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 VP Fries-10 v. VP Onion -8 (18UG)
8:20 Cy Fair-7 v. Thunder Blue-10 (18UG)
9:10 ThYellow-12 v. Tri Red-7 (18UB, 7-10)
10:00 ThWhi-12 v. Longhorn-5 (18UB,7-10)
10:50 VP Fries-8 v. Thun Red-11 (18UG)
11:40 Cy Fair-10 v. VP Onion-3 (18UG)
12:30 ViperPigeon-6 v. Thunder -10 (16UG)
1:20 Thun Red-8 v. Thun Blue-9 (18UG)
2:10 Trid Red-8 v. Longhorn-9 (18UB-9th)
3:00 Th Yellow-8 v. Th White-9 (18UB-7th)

Southlake Pool #3: Entrance
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up

7:30 VPEggrolls-4 v. ThBlk-15 (14U,5-7)
8:20 VPWraps-16 v. Longhorn-6 (14U)
9:10 Trid Red-5 v. Trid Blue-4 (14U)
10:00 VPEggrol-14 v. ThSilv-5 (14U,5-7)
10:50 Thunder 12U Exhibition (12U)
11:40 Longho-10 v. TriBlue-16 (14U-3rd)
12:30 T-Black-11 v. T-Silver-8 (14U,5-7)
1:20 Thunder 12U Exhibition (12U)
2:10 VP Wraps-3 v. TriRed-5 (14U-1st)

18U Boys (18UB):

1.Thunder Black
2.Trident Blue
3.VP Corn Dogs
4.Thunder Silver
5.VP Hamburgers
6.Cy Fair WPC
7.Thunder White
8.Thunder Yellow
10. Trident Red

18U Girls (18UG):
1.Thunder Blue
2.Thunder Red
3.VP French Fries
4.Cy Fair WPC
5.VP Onion Rings

16U/10th Grade U Coed (16U):
1.Thunder Black
2.VP Tater Tots
3.Thunder Silver
4.VP Potato Skins

14U/8th Grade U Coed (14U)
1.Trident Red
2.VP Lettuce Wraps
3.Trident Blue
5.Thunder Black
6.VP Eggrolls
7.Thunder Silver