USAWP National Junior Olympics


The USAWP National Junior Olympics start this weekend in San Jose, CA with Session 1 on July 21-24 (boys) and Session 2 on July 26-29 (girls).  Click here for detailed information and links to schedules, results and live streaming:

Several Southwest Zone clubs are participating covering both sessions of the event.  Check back here for results as the tournament progresses.

  • 18U Boys Championship – Viper Pigeons A, Houston Storm, Thunder WPC
  • 18U Boys Classic – Southside Badgers, CFWPC, Longhorn Aquatics
  • 18U Boys Invite – Viper Pigeons B
  • 16U Boys Championship – Thunder WPC A, Trident WPC
  • 16U Boys Classic – Viper Pigeons, Houston Storm
  • 16U Boys Invite – Boerne WPC, Thunder WPC B
  • 14U Boys Championship – Trident WPC, Thunder WPC
  • 14U Boys Classic – Southside Badgers, Zilla WPC, Boerne WPC
  • 12U Boys Championship – Southside Badgers, Trident WPC
  • 12U Boys Classic – Thunder WPC, Longhorn Aquatics
  • 18U Girls Championship – Thunder WPC A, Viper Pigeons A, CFWPC
  • 18U Girls Classic –  Southside Badgers, Thunder WPC B, Longhorn Aquatics
  • 16U Girls Championship – Viper Pigeons A, Thunder WPC
  • 16U Girls Classic – Viper Pigeons B, CFWPC, Southside Badgers
  • 14U Girls Championship – Thunder WPC
  • 12U Girls Championship – Thunder WPC
  • 10U Mixed Championship – Viper Pigeons