Texas Dare To Dream Festival Schedule


Texas Dare To Dream Tournament Schedule at Spring Branch Natatorium this weekend (January 19-20): Team listed first wears white caps, begins to the left of the table.

Saturday, January 19th
7:30 Pool Opens for Warm-up
8:30 Southside v. Rockwall
9:20 Thunder Black v. Viper Pigeons
10:10 Pegasus v. Thunder Silver
11:00 Longhorn v. Rockwall
11:50 Zilla v. Viper Pigeons
12:40 Boerne v. Thunder Silver
1:30 Southside v. Longhorn
2:20 Thunder Black v. Zilla
3:10 Pegasus v. Boerne
4:00 All Athletes Welcome – 10U Exhibition Game
4:50 3rd A v. 3rd B
5:40 2nd A v. 2nd B
6:30 1st A v. 1st B

Sunday, January 20th
7:00 Pool Opens for Warm-up
7:30 3rd A v. 3rd C
8:20 2nd A v. 2nd C
9:10 1st A v. 1st C
10:00 3rd B v. 3rd C
10:50 2nd B v. 2nd C
11:40 1st B v. 1st C
*12:30 1st White v. 2nd White (7th Place)
*1:30 2nd Red v. 3rd Red (5th Place)
*2:30 1st Red v. 3rd Blue (3rd Place)
*3:30 1st Blue v. 2nd Blue (1st Place)
*Team Line-ups/Announcements