NJO preliminary allocations posted

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NJO Preliminary allocations have been posted! The Southwest Zone has been allocated the following:

  • 12U boys: 2
  • 14U boys: 2
  • 16U boys: 3
  • 18U boys: 3
  • 10U girls 5v5: 1
  • 10U mixed 5v5: 2
  • 12U girls: 3
  • 12U mixed: 3
  • 14U girls: 2
  • 16U girls: 2
  • 18U girls: 3

Please visit the Junior Olympics Home Page and check the “Allocations and Seeding” tab for more information. Or you can access the Allocations directly by CLICKING HERE.

As you will notice, allocations only include the Championship Division of each age group and gender at this time. Due to existing covid restrictions, USAWP is still awaiting on confirmation from some of the traditional tournament sites. USAWP will add divisions to age groups as they add sites and will be sending out email updates as appropriate. Earlier today, Governor Newsom announced that the state of CA should be fully open by June 15th which should greatly assist USAWP’s ability to confirm tournament sites.

The Conduct of Championships has been updated to reflect the loss of the 2020 JOs so that allocations & seeding are based on the last year JO’s played, which was 2019.

Some notable changes to the Conduct of Championships:

  • 10u Girls & Mixed will be played 5 v 5 (4 field players, 1 goalie) in a 20 yard by 10 yard course size – Articles 1.2(a)(1) & 1.2(b)(2). Roster size for 5 v 5 divisions will be 11 athletes – Article 6.2(b)(1)
  • Quarter length has been standardized across the tournament for all divisions of each age group & gender – Article 1.2(e)(2)(A and B):
    • 10u Girls & Mixed: 5 Min
    • 12u Girls, Boys, & Mixed: 6 Min
    • 14u Girls & Boys: 6 Min
    • 16u Girls & Boys: 7 Min
    • 18u Girls & Boys: 7 Min
  • 10u Divisions have been removed from All-American recognition – Article 7.1(a)

You can find a summary of the JO deadlines and links to qualifying tournaments here (also located under “Qualification” on the Junior Olympics Home Page).  As Zones confirm their JO Qualification tournament dates, they will be added to the document as well as email announcements sent to those zone clubs and coaches.

Hotel Blocks are available in and around Orange County.  Please see the “Host Hotel” tab under “Travel and Lodging” for more information.