ATTN: New USAWP Member Platform Going Live NEXT WEEK!

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USAWP is quickly approaching the launch of a brand new USA Water Polo member platform. Since we shared the news, we’ve received a bunch of great questions from the water polo community. We thought it’d be useful to share answers to some of these frequently asked questions with everyone in advance to help you get to know the system. Please take the time to read through the information below as we are confident it will help you navigate the new platform when it goes live on September 1st.


How will I access the new platform once it has launched?

After the site has gone live on September 1, you will be sent an email which will include a link to create a password for your account on the new platform. Going forward, you will then log in to the new platform using your email address and newly created password.

It is important that your email address is up to date on the current member system so we can contact you once the new platform is live. Under Quick Navigation, there is a link to update your email address in the Member Profile page.


How do I access family member accounts?

The new platform will offer a simpler way to manage accounts for your family members by allowing a single account holder to manage multiple profiles. During the transition we will be doing our best to ensure accounts for families are tied together so when you log in you will be able to view and manage all profiles for your family members. Listing the same email address will allow us to tie the accounts together upon initial launch.

If you log in expecting to see family members but don’t see them listed, don’t worry this is not a problem. We will have resources to help you navigate account set up and will be here to help!


What will I be able to access once I’ve logged in?

The goal with the new platform is to centralize as many member services as possible. In addition to membership renewals, certifications, event registration, and training courses, there will will be additional options for members pertaining to their role in the system.

We have already planned two future phases beyond the launch of the new platform which will see additional services added. More information will be shared about this at a later date.


What changes should I expect to see?

The new platform will have a different look, feel and user experience. The position of items will be different to the existing system, as will some of the processes you’re used to. Navigating the new platform might be unfamiliar at first, but we are confident that it will enhance the user experience once everyone is comfortable using it.

We understand you may be used to operations in the existing platform as it has been in place for nearly two decades and we understand there will be a learning curve with the new site. With that said, we will be delivering tutorial videos and additional resources to help everyone get up to speed as quickly as possible.


Updating your information:

Ahead of the launch, we are asking all members check that their email address is up to date in the current system. This information will be used to communicate the launch with you and guide you through accessing your new account after September 1st.

Under Quick Navigation, there is a link to update your email address in the Member Profile page. Please see screenshot below:

If you have questions about the new platform, don’t hesitate to contact

Thank you,
USA Water Polo