USAWP Southwest Zone Board Elections for 2015

The Southwest Zone of USA Water Polo is holding elections for the Southwest Zone Board.  There are three board positions up for election (seven total board positions).  Overall there are seven spots on the Southwest Zone Board.  I have attached the current Southwest Zone Policies & Procedures.  Board eligibility and responsibilities are described in full within the attached Zone Policy document.   All Southwest Zone information can also be found online at  Below is brief summary of the election process, eligibility, obligations, and voter eligibility.

Southwest Zone Board Election Process:
• Nominations for three zone board positions will be accepted beginning today, October 29th and ending Sunday, November 30th.
• Please submit nominations to
• Self nominations are encouraged.  Please only nominate a person if said person has agreed to fulfill the duties of the zone board position.
• After November 30th (early December), another email will be sent out with the nominee names and voting procedures (online/email voting process for registered members)
• Only current USA Water Polo members will then be able to vote from Saturday, December 20th to Tuesday, December 30th.
• The newly elected members of the Southwest Zone Board will be announced in January 2015.
• Outgoing Zone Board members:  JT Wall and Scott Slay (can be nominated for re-election).  Additionally, an extra Zone Board position has been created that needs to be filled in this election cycle.
• Continuing Zone Board members:  Joe Linehan, Robert Albach, and Jimmy Linehan (positions up for election in 2016).  Vern Heimbigner as the Southwest Zone Head Referee is automatically part of the Southwest Zone Board as per USA Water Polo by-laws.  The Zone Head Referee position is appointed by USA Water Polo.

Southwest Zone Board Eligibility:
• Over 18 years of age
• Be a current member of USA Water Polo
• Have principal place of residence within the Southwest Zone.
Southwest Zone Board Obligations:
• Board Member terms are 4 years
• Board Members must attend Zone Board meetings (normally by conference call)

Voter Eligibility:
• 18 year of age on date of election
• Current member of USAWP 60 days prior to date of election
• Affiliated with club within the Zone or have principal place of residence within the zone
• Able to provide proof of USA Water Polo membership/voter eligibility

If you have any questions, please contact one of below Southwest Zone Board members who are handling the election process for 2014.

Joe Linehan, Southwest Zone Chair:
Robert Albach, Southwest Zone Board Member:

Armadillo Classic Results

Armadillo Classic – Results – 2014 – Saturday, October 4th
Pool #1: Diving Boards
11:00 St Marks-3 v. Thunder Black-12 (12th U Boys)
11:50 St Marks-10 v. Thunder Silver-9 (10th U Boys/Coed)
12:40 Thunder Red-14 v. Thunder Blue-11 (12th U Girls)
1:30 Thunder Black-8 v. Thunder Silver-8 (12th U Boys)
2:20 St Marks-7 v. Thunder White-15 (10th U Boys/Coed)
3:10 Thunder Red-7 v. Thunder Blue-9 (12th U Girls)
4:00 St Marks-15 v. Thunder Silver-1 (12th U Boys)
4:50 Thunder Black-12 v. Longhorn-6 (10th U Boys/Coed)
5:40 Thunder Red-15 v. Thunder Blue-13 (12th U Girls)
6:30 St Marks-4 v. Thunder Black-10 (12th U Boys)

Pool #2: Entrance/Locker Rooms
11:00 St Marks-4 v. Thunder-15 (6th Grade U)
11:50 Thun Black-5 v. Thun White-1 (10th U Boys/Coed)
12:40 St Marks-21 v. Thunder Silver-5 (8th Grade U)
1:30 Thunder Black-12 v. Longhorn-2 (8th Grade U)
2:20 Thunder Silver-15 v. Longhorn-1 (10th U Boys/Coed)
3:10 Thunder-4 v. Longhorn-22 (6th Grade U)
4:00 Thunder Silver-5 v. Longhorn-14 (8th Grade U)
4:50 St Marks-4 v. Thunder Black-14 (8th Grade U)
5:40 St Marks-4 v. Longhorn-18 (6th Grade U)

Armadillo Classic – Results – 2014 – Sunday, October 5th
Pool #1: Diving Boards
7:30 St Marks-20 v. Thunder Silver-2 (12th U Boys)
8:20 Thunder Red-12 v. Thunder Yellow-4 (12th U Girls)
9:10 Longhorn-7 v. Thunder White-14 (10th U Boys/Coed)
10:00 St Marks-8 v. Thunder Black-12 (12th U Boys)
10:50 Thunder Red-14 v. Thunder Blue-7 (12th U Girls)
11:40 St Marks-10 v. Longhorn-7 (10th U Boys/Coed)
12:30 Thunder Black-13 v. Thunder Silver-7 (12th U Boys)
1:20 Thunder Yellow-6 v. Thunder Blue-10 (12th U Girls)
2:10 St Marks-0 v. Thunder Black-5 (10th U Boys/Coed)

Pool #2: Entrance/Locker Rooms
7:30 Thunder-7 v. Longhorn-20 (6th Grade U)
8:20 Thunder Black-10 v. Thunder Silver-5 (8th Grade U)
9:10 St Marks-12 v. Longhorn-6 (8th Grade U)
10:00 St Marks-5 v. Longhorn-19 (6th Grade U)
10:50 Thun Black-15 v. Thun Silver-6 (10th U Boys/Coed)
11:40 3rd Seed-Longhorn-9 v. 4th Seed-ThunSilver-1 (8th U, 3rd)
12:30 1st Seed-ThunBlack-17 v. 2nd Seed-St Marks-7 (8th U, 1st)
1:20 St Marks-8 v Thunder-17 (6th Grade U)
2:10 Thun Silver-3 v. Thun White-12 (10th U Boys/Coed)

Division, Teams, & Final Standings:

12th Grade U Boys
1.Thunder Black
2.St Marks
3.Thunder Silver

12th/10th Grade U Girls
1.Thunder Red
2.Thunder Blue
3.Thunder Yellow

10th Grade U Boys/Coed
1.Thunder Black
2.Thunder White
3.St Marks
4.Thunder Silver

8th Grade U Coed
1.Thunder Black
2.St Marks
4.Thunder Silver

6th Grade U Coed
3.St Marks