Southwest Zone Champs and National Junior Olympics Information – 2015

Southwest Zone Championships, June 12-14, 2015

Attached is the Southwest Zone Championship tournament information which will be at Strake Jesuit College Prep (Houston, TX) on June 12-14, 2015 (only Friday games as needed). The Southwest Zone Championships will be the qualification/seeding tournament for the National Junior Olympics for the Southwest Zone. Only team attempting to qualify for NJO’s will be allowed to enter the tournament. On the tournament information, included is a breakdown of the entry process for teams from the Southwest Zone which intend to enter the NJO’s. Please read the two page document carefully regarding tournament eligibility requirements, deadlines, age criteria, club affiliations, age verification, etc. Some of the highlights for the Southwest Zone Champs and National Junior Olympics are below.

USA Water Polo NJO’s Website:

NJO’s Allocated Spots/Seeding:

Entry Fee: The entry fee will be $425 per team. All teams will play 4-5 games for the tournament. Make checks payable to Southwest Water Polo. Please send entry fee payments to Southwest Water Polo (for Southwest Zone Champs ONLY), 7750 North Macarthur Blvd, #120-275, Irving, TX 75063. Payments will not be accepted online for Southwest Zone Champs (mailed or brought to the tournament).

Athlete Eligibility: An athlete’s age for the Southwest Zone Champs and NJO’s is determined by their age on August 1st for both boys & girls (*see exception below). Athletes MUST be Gold Members of USA Water Polo in order to be entered into the Southwest Zone Championships and National Junior Olympics. Athletes also must complete the Age Verification online at the USA Water Polo website in order to be eligible to compete in either event. *The one exception to this rule will be for those graduating senior athletes who turn 19 before August 1st. These athletes can now play in the 18U Division as long as they graduate High School in May/June 2015.

Club Affiliation/Age Verification Deadline (NO EXCEPTIONS): Athletes and Coaches MUST be registered with the Club they intend to play with by Friday, May 29th at 9:00 pm. Athletes will also need to have their Age Verification completed by this date (3-5 day process). Athletes who turn 19 before August 1st AND graduated from high school in May/June must turn in their official transcript with USA Water Polo by this date. This deadline is for both Southwest Zone Championships and the National Junior Olympics.

Deadline for Southwest Zone Champs Team Entries: The deadline for the Southwest Zone Champs team entries is Friday, May 29th at 9:00 pm. For those teams trying to qualify for NJO’s, teams will need to enter the Southwest Zone Champs at These teams will also need to enter NJO’s when registering for Southwest Zone Champs. Payments will not be accepted online for Southwest Zone Champs (mailed or brought to the tournament).

Deadline for NJO Team Entries: The deadline for entry in National Junior Olympics for teams from the Southwest Zone is Friday, May 29th at 9:00 pm. Only online entry is available for NJO’s. In order to qualify for NJO’s, clubs/teams must enter the Southwest Zone Champs (see process above). Failure to enter the Southwest Zone Championships will disqualify any NJO entry for the respective club’s team in a specific age/gender division. To enter the National Junior Olympics, please complete the online entry process at (Session #1) and/or (Session #2). NJO’s Session #1 is for All Boys Divisions and 10U Girls. NJO’s Session #2 is for All Girls Division (except 10U Girls) and 10U Mixed.

Rosters for Southwest Zone Champs: Rosters for Southwest Zone Champs will be due Friday, May 29th at 9:00 pm.. Rosters for Southwest Zone Champs will only be accepted via the USA Water Polo roster verification system. More entry information is on the attached documents. There will be a roster “Lockdown Deadline” on Friday, June 5th at 9:00 pm. Any roster changes made between May 30th and June 5th will incur a $100 late roster fee. No changes will be made to rosters after June 5th (no exceptions).

ID Checks/Photo ID’s: The Referees will be doing ID Checks for coaches and athletes prior to each game of the tournament. All athletes need to be GOLD members of USA Water Polo. All coaches need to be registered with USA Water Polo/Age Verification and updated on their background check, 1st Aid/CPR, Safe Sport, etc. We recommend that all athletes download a picture with their USA Water Polo account (process takes two minutes). The Referees will a have a copy of all team rosters. Teams will need to line up prior to their game in number order. All teams can print out team membership cards (click print membership cards at the bottom of each team’s roster). Athletes can also have individual membership cards (this take longer than printing out team membership cards).

TAGS Results

Texas Age Group State Water Polo Championship -Results-2015:

8th Grade & Younger Coed

1. Thunder Black
2. St Marks
3. Longhorn Orange
4. Viper Pigeons Black
5. Viper Pigeons – Fort Bend
6. Longhorn White
7. San Antonio
8. Thunder Silver

8th Grade & Younger Girls

1. Thunder
2. Viper Pigeons

6th Grade & Younger Coed

1. Viper Pigeon Boys
2. San Antonio
3. Thunder Black
4. St Marks
5. Viper Pigeons Girls
6. Longhorn
7. Austin
8. Thunder Silver

Sunday, May 3rd: Pool #1 – South Pool (Left)

8:00 (12U1)Viper Pigeon Boys-5 v. Thunder Silver-0

8:45 (12U3)Thunder Black-17 v. Austin-3

9:30 (14U1)Thunder Black-12 v. Longhorn White-1

10:15 (14U3)St Marks-16 v. Viper Pigeons-Fort Bend-0

11:00 (12U5) Los 12U1-Thunder Silver-0 v.Los 12U2-Longhorn-5 (5th-8th Semi)

11:45 (12U7)Win 12U1-Viper Pigrons-10 v. Win 12U2-St Marks-2 (1st-4th Semi)

12:30 (14U5)Los 14U1-Longhorn White-7 v. Los 14U2-San Antonio-6 (5th-8th Semi)

1:15 (14U7)Win 14U1-Thunder Black-14 v. Win 14U2-Viper Pigeons Black-1 (1st-4th Semi)

2:00 (14UG1) Viper Pigeons-6 v.Thunder-8 (1st/2nd Place)

2:45 (12U9) Win 12U5-Longhorn-4 v.Win 12U6-Viper Pigeons Girls-7 (5th/6th Place)

3:30 (12U11)Win 12U7-Viper Pigeons Boys-10 v. Win 12U8-San Antonio-7(1st/2nd Place)

4:15 (14U9) Win 14U5-Longhorn White-5 v.Win 14U6-Viper Pigeons-Fort Bend-13 (5th/6th Place)

5:00 (14U11)Win 14U7-Thunder Black-7 v. Win 14U8-St Marks-1 (1st/2nd Place)

Sunday, May 3rd: Pool #2 – North Pool (Right)

8:00 (12U2)St Marks-10 v. Longhorn-4

8:45 (12U4)San Antonio-15 v. Viper Pigeon Girls -2

9:30 (14U2)Viper Pigeons Black-8 v. San Antonio-4

10:15 (14U4)Longhorn Orange-5 v. Thunder Silver-0

11:00 (12U6) Los 12U3-Austin-2 v.Los 12U4-Viper Pigeons Girls-14 (5th-8th Semi)

11:45 (12U8) Win 12U3-Thunder Black-6 v.Win 12U4-San Antonio-9 (1st-4th Semi)

12:30 (14U6)Los 14U3-Viper Pigeons Fort Bend-5 v. Los 14U4 –Thunder Silver-0 (5th-8th Semi)

1:15 (14U8)Win 14U3-St Marks-9 v. Win 14U4-Longhorn Orange-6 (1st-4th Semi)

2:45 (12U10) Los 12U5-Thunder Silver-0 v.Los 12U6-Austin-5 (7th/8th Place)

3:30 (12U12) Los 12U7-St Marks-6 v.Los 12U8-Thunder Black-8 (3rd/4th Place)

4:15 (14U10)Los 14U5-San Antonio-5 v. Los 14U6-Thunder Silver-0 (7th/8th Place)

5:00 (14U12) Los 14U7-Viper Pigeons Black-5 v.Los 14U8-San Antonio-10 (3rd/4th Place)

St. Mark’s Boys and Southlake Carroll Girls Win Texas State Champs

Last night at the UT Swim Center in Austin, TX, the St. Mark’s (Dallas) boys defeated The Woodlands by a score of 6-5 to win the 2015 Texas High School Boys state water polo championship. The Southlake Carroll girls defeated Houston Clear Springs 11-8 to win the 2015 Texas High School Girls state water polo championships. See for more details. Final placements were:

1. Southlake Carroll
2. Houston Clear Springs
3. Baytown Sterling
4. Denton Guyer
5. The Woodlands and Dallas Flower Mound
7. Dallas Rockwall and Houston Clear Falls
9. Houston Cypress Creek, Houston Cy-Fair, Houston Jersey Village, Houston Clear Lake
13. Round Rock, Austin Cedar Ridge, Austin Anderson, Austin McNeil

1. St. Mark’s
2. The Woodlands
3. Dallas Flower Mound
4. Houston Jersey Village
5. Southlake Carroll and Houston Lamar
7. Denton Ryan and Houston Clear Lake
9. Houston Clear Brook, Houston Brazoswood, Houston Clear Creek
12. Round Rock, Houston Westside
14. Waco Midway, Austin Anderson, San Antonio Alamo Heights