Dallas Summer Classic Results

Saturday, June 25th
Southlake Pool #1: Diving Boards
7:30 VP Tie Figh-3 v. ThMaroon-20 (16UB)
8:20 VP Skywalkers-14 v. Aquatx-5 (16UB)
9:10 Th White-14 v. VP Storm Tr-6 (18UB)
10:00 Dallas-14 v. VP Star Destroy-13 (Men)
10:50 TOTEX-10 v. Thunder-14 (Men)
11:40 HOPS-10 v. Thunder Masters-2 (Men)
12:30 Jesuit-9 v. VP Storm Tr-12 (18UB)
1:20 Thunder-16 v. VP StarDestroy-9 (Men)
2:10 Dallas-9 v. HOPS-11 (Men)
3:00 TOTEX-18 v. Thunder Masters-9
3:50 Thun White-16 v. Jesuit-5 (18UB)
4:40 VP Skywalkers-5 v. Th Gray-6 (16UB)
5:30 TOTEX-13 v. VP Star Destroy-9 (Men)
6:20 Dallas-14 v. Thun Masters-7 (Men)
7:10 HOPS-8 v. Thunder-6 (Men)

Saturday, June 25th
Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
7:30 VP DeathStar-11 v. Thun Red -2(18UG
8:20 VP XWings-5 v. Thun Blue-4 (18UG)
9:10 Thun Yellow-17 v. RGV-4 (18UB)
10:00 VP Light Sab-7 v. Thun-13 (Women)
10:50 VP Force-1 v. ThMasters-11 (Wome)
11:40 ThPurple-8 v. ThMaroon-16 16UB)
12:30 Thun Gray-14 v. Aquatex-8 (16UB)
1:20 HOPS-12 v. VP Light Saber-2 (Women)
2:10 VP Sith Lords-18 v. RGV-7 (18UB)
3:00 VP Force-2 v. Thunder-10 (Women)
3:50 VPLightSab-1 v. ThMaste-13 (Women)
4:40 VPTieFighter-6 v. ThPurple-15 (16UB)
5:30 ThYellow-10 v. VPSithLord-11 (18UB)
6:20 HOPS-11 v. VP Force-3 (Women)
7:10 Thun-5 v. Thun Masters-15 (Women)

Saturday, June 25th
Southlake Pool #3: Entrance
7:30 No Game – Swim Team Practice
8:20 Thu Black-16 v. Thu Silver-8 (12U)
9:10 ThOrange-16 v. VP Bounty-8 (14U)
10:00 Th Green-20 v. VP Jedi-6 (14U)
10:50 VP Ewoks-3 v. Th Silver-18 (12U)
11:40 VPDeathSt-11 v. ThBlue-3 (18UG)
12:30 VP XWings-4 v. Th Red-6 (18UG)
1:20 Th Black-11 v. Th Silver-9 (12U)
2:10 Trident-2 v. VP BountyHu-11 (14U)
3:00 VP Wookies-14 v. VP Jedi-7 (14U)
3:50 VP Ewoks-14 v. Thu Black-8 (12U)
4:40 Thun Red-5 v. Thun Blue-4 (18UG)
5:30 VPDeath-8 v. VP XWings-6 (18UG)
6:20 Th Orange-13 v. Trident-3 (14U)
7:10 Th Green-8 v. VP Wookies-9 (14U)

Sunday, June 26th
Southlake Pool #1: Diving Boards
7:30 Jesuit-15 v. RGV-12 (18UB – 5th, #1)
8:20 Th White-14 v. Th Yellow-1 (18UB)
9:10 VP Sith-5 v. VP Storm-14 (18UB)
10:00 HOPS-8 v. VP Star Destroyer-6 (Men)
10:50 Thunder-19 v. Thun Masters-9 (Men)
11:40 TOTEX-17 v. Dallas-12 (Men)
12:30 ThYellow-5 v. VP Sith-6 (18UB – 3rd)
1:20 ThWhite-11 v. VP Storm-10 (18UB-1st)
2:10 HOPS-12 v. TOTEX-14 (Men)
3:00 Th Master-12 v. VP Star Des-16 (Men)
3:50 Dallas-11 v. Thunder-14 (Men)

Sunday, June 26th
Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
7:30 VP TieFight-14 v. Aquatx-7 (16UB-5th)
8:20 ThMaroon-14 v. VP Skywalk-6 (16UB)
9:10 ThunGray-10 v. Thun Purple-9 (16UB)
10:00 VPTieFight-7 v. Aquatx-9 (16UB-5th)
10:50 HOPS-12 v. Thun Masters-8 (Women)
11:40 Jesuit-12 v. RGV-9 (18UB – 5th, #2)
12:30 VPLightSab-18 v.VPForce-4(Women)
1:20 HOPS-10 v. Thunder-8 (Women)
2:10 VPSkywa-11 v. ThPurple-12(16UB-3rd)
3:00 ThMaroon-12 v. ThGray-10 (16UB-1st)
3:50 HOPS-0 v. Th Masters-5 (Women-1st)

Sunday, June 26th
Southlake Pool #3: Entrance
7:30 Trident-12 v. VP Jedi-9 (14U-5th)
8:20 VPXWing-7 v. ThBlue-6 (18UG-3rd)
9:10 VP Death-8 v. ThRed-4 (18UG-1st)
10:00 VP Ewoks-11 v. ThSilver-10 (12U)
10:50 ThOrange-14 v. ThGreen-12 (14U)
11:40 VPWook-17 v. VPBounty-5 (14U)
12:30 Trident-10 v. VP Jedi-7 (14U-5th)
1:20 VP Ewoks-10 v. Th Black-9 (12U)
2:10 ThGree-14 v. VPBount-10 (14U-3rd)
3:00 ThOrang-18 v.VPWook-13(14U-1st)
3:50 Thun-5 v. VP LightSab-0 (Wom-3rd)

Men’s Open:
1. Thunder
4. Dallas
5. VP Star Destroyers
6. Thunder Masters

Women’s Open:
1. Thunder Masters
3. Thunder
4. VP Light Sabres
5. VP The Force

18U Boys/coed:
1. Thunder White
2. VP Storm Troopers
3. VP Sith Lords
4. Thunder Yellow
5. Jesuit
6. Rio Grande Valley

18U/16U Girls:
1. VP Death Stars
2. Thunder Red
3. VP X-Wings
4. Thunder Blue

16U Boys/Coed:
1. Thunder Maroon
2. Thunder Gray
3. Thunder Purple
4. VP Skywalkers
5. VP Tie Fighters
6. Aquatex

14U Coed:
1. Thunder Orange
2. VP Wookies
3. Thunder Green
4. VP Bounty Hunters
5. Trident
6. VP Jedis

12U Coed
1. VP Ewoks
2. Thunder Black
3. Thunder Silver

USAWP Southwest Zone JO Qualifications

Congratulations to all the teams and thank you for attending the event.  Below are the final standings/NJO Seeding for all divisions and genders.  Due to the cancellation of games on Sunday because of weather conditions and as needed, the tournament committee completed the final standings.  Thanks to Jesuit Water Polo for  hosting the event by providing the facility, table workers, hospitality, volunteers, etc.

Southwest Zone Final Standings/Seeding for NJO’s (ALL Divisions):  Teams are listed 1st/top Seed to lowest seed, left to right.

10U Mixed (1):  Viper Pigeons
12U Girls (1):  Viper Pigeons
12U Boys (2):  Viper Pigeons, Thunder
14U Girls (2):  Thunder, Viper Pigeons
14U Boys (5):  Thunder, Viper Pigeons South, Zilla, Trident, Viper Pigeons North
16U Girls (4):  Thunder, Viper Pigeons North, Viper Pigeons South, Viper Pigeons Northwest
16U Boys (7):  Thunder, Viper Pigeons North, Viper Pigeons South, Jesuit, Longhorn, Viper Pigeons Southeast, Viper Pigeons Northwest
18U Girls (2):  Thunder, Viper Pigeons
18U Boys (6):  Thunder, Viper Pigeons South, Jesuit, Viper Pigeons North, Boerne, Viper Pigeons

Saturday, June 11th: Pool #1 – Diving Boards
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 Zilla-19 v. Viper Pigeon North-9 (14U Boys)
8:20 Trident-9 v. Viper Pigeon South-4 (14U Boys)
9:10 Jesuit-12 v. Viper Pigeon Northwest-7 (16U Boys)
10:00 Viper Pigeon North-1 v. Thunder-19 (14U Boys)
10:50 VP North-18 v. VP Northwest-0 (16U Girls)
11:40 Trident-5 v. Zilla-8 (14U Boys)
12:30 VP South-17 v. VP Northwest -4 (16U Boys)
1:20 Viper Pigeon South-6 v. Thunder -17 (14U Boys)
2:10 Viper Pigeon South-11 v. Viper Pigeon-6 (18U Boys)
3:00 Thunder-19 v. Boerne-6 (18U Boys)
3:50 Jesuit-5 v. Viper Pigeon South-13 (16U Boys)
4:40 Jesuit-18 v. Viper Pigeon-3 (18U Boys)
5:30 Viper Pigeon North-8 v. Boerne-4 (18U Boys)
6:20 VP 18U Girls-0 v. Thunder 16U Boys-5 (Exhib.)
7:10 Viper Pigeon South-9 v. Jesuit-5 (18U Boys)
8:00 Thunder-14 v. Viper Pigeon North-4 (18U Boys)

Saturday, June 11th: Pool #2 – Offices
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 VP North-11 v. VP South-0 (14U Girls)
8:20 Viper Pigeon North-13 v. Longhorn-3 (16U Boys)
9:10 Thunder-16 v. Viper Pigeon Southeast-3 (16U Boys)
10:00 Viper Pigeon North-3 v. Thunder-5 (14U Girls)
10:50 Viper Pigeon South-5 v. Thunder-18 (16U Girls)
11:40 Longhorn-14 v. VP Southeast-6 (16U Boys Red – 3rd)
12:30 VP North-4 v. Thunder-9 (16U Boys Red – 1st)
1:20 Viper Pigeon South-3 v. Thunder-13 (14U Girls)
2:10 Viper Pigeon North-19 v. Viper Pigeon South-1 (16U Girls)
3:00 Viper Pigeon Northwest-1 v. Thunder-14 (16U Girls)
3:50 Viper Pigeons-7 v. Thunder-9 (18U Girls)
4:40 Viper Pigeon South-14 v. Zilla-6 (14U Boys)
5:30 Viper Pigeon North-4 v. Trident-19 (14U Boys)
6:20 Thunder 18U Girls-5 v. VP 16U Boys-0 (Exhib.)
7:10 Viper Pigeon North-7 v. Thunder-11 (16U Girls)
8:00 Viper Pigeon South-7 v. VP Northwest-5 (16U Girls)

Sunday, June 12th: Pool #1 – Diving Boards
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 VP Northwest-4 v. VP Southeast-10 (16U Boys, RR 5th-7th)
8:20 Thunder-16 v. Jesuit-4 (16U Boys Semi Final)
9:10 VP South-6 v. VP North-11 (16U Boys Semi Final)
10:00 VP Northeast-3 v. Longhorn-10 (16U Boys, RR 5th-7th)
10:50 Boerne-9 v. Viper Pigeon-8 (18U Boys, 5th Place #1)
11:40 Thunder-19 v. Jesuit-3 (18U Boys Semi Final)
12:30 VP South-10 v. VP North-6 (18U Boys Semi Final)
*1:20 Longhorn v. VP Southeast (16U Boys, RR 5th-7th)
*2:10 Boerne v. Viper Pigeon (18U Boys, 5th Place #2)
*3:00 Jesuit v. VP South (16U Boys – 3rd Place)
*3:50 Thunder v. VP North (16U Boys – 1st Place)
*4:40 Thunder v. VP South (18U Boys – 1st Place)
*Cancelled due to weather conditions

Sunday, June 12th: Pool #2 – Offices
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-Up
7:30 VP North-15 v. VP South-2 (14U Girls)
8:20 Zilla-7 v. Thunder-20 (14U Boys)
9:10 VP North-10 v. VP South-14 (14U Boys)
*10:00 Thunder 18U Girls v. Viper Pigeon 16U Girls (Exhib.)
*10:50 Viper Pigeon 18U Girls v. Thunder 16U Girls (Exhib.)
11:40 Viper Pigeon South-3 v. Thunder-14 (14U Girls
12:30 Trident-21 v. Thunder-2 (14U Boys)
*1:20 VP South v. VP Northwest (16U Girls – 3rd Place)
*2:10 Thunder v. VP North (16U Girls – 1st Place)
*3:00 Viper Pigeon North v. Thunder (14U Girls)
*3:50 Viper Pigeons v. Thunder (18U Girls – 1st Place)
*4:40 Jesuit v. VP North (18U Boys – 3rd Place)
*Cancelled due to weather conditions

18U Boys
1. Thunder
1. VP South
3. Jesuit
3. VP North
5. Boerne
6. Viper Pigeon

18U Girls
1. Thunder
1. Viper Pigeon

16U Boys
1. Thunder
1. VP North
3. VP South
3. Jesuit
5. Longhorn
6. VP Southeast
7. VP Northwest

16U Girls
1. Thunder
1. VP North
3. VP South
3. VP Northwest

14U Boys
1. Thunder
2. VP South
3. Zilla
4. Trident
5. VP North

14U Girls
1. Thunder
2. VP North
3. VP South