USAWP Texas Development Summit

USAWP and the Southwest Zone will hold the first ever USAWP Texas Development Summit on Saturday, December 16th at the Embassy Suites – Austin Central (10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Lunch Provided). All Southwest Zone Coaches, Referees, and Club Admins are welcome to attend. We will come together and discuss various issues within the zone in a moderated, positive atmosphere. We hope all the zone USA Water Polo clubs are able to send coaches and as many referees as possible will participate. All the Texas Development Summit information is outlined below. Everyone will need to register online by Sunday, December 3rd.

Participants can submit suggested topics of discussion when they register online or they can email to The submitted topics will be compiled and emailed to all registered participants with an agenda prior to the meeting. We would like this meeting to have a positive atmosphere where everyone can come together and have a good discussion on how we can move the sport forward within the Southwest Zone. Examples of topics to be discussed are: the Southwest Zone Calendar, not enough Masters events, Bench Decorum, an update on UIL sanctioning, etc.

Online Registration, click Here


2017 Connor Cup Final Standings

The 2017 Connor Cup final standings have been updated after this past weekend’s Dallas Fall Invite and can be found here: or at the CONNOR CUP SERIES link on the menu of this page.

Longhorn Aquatics, with their tournament victory this weekend, took the Men’s/Open Division over 2nd Place HOPS and 3rd Place Dallas.  It was Longhorn’s second series win and first since 2015.

North Texas Thunder WPC won the Women’s Division for the third consecutive year and their fourth overall.  HOPS placed 2nd and Longhorn placed 3rd.

North Texas Thunder WPC also won the Age Group Division for the second consecutive year, and 3rd victory in the last four years.  West Houston Water Polo placed 2nd followed by Trident WPC in 3rd.

The Connor Cup history can be found at the bottom of the CONNOR CUP SERIES page at this site.

Dallas Fall Invite Results

Results from the Dallas Fall Invite held this weekend at Carroll ISD Aquatic Center and Keller ISD Natatorium.

Saturday, November 4th
Southlake Pool #1:  Diving Boards
10:50 Southside v. Thunder White(18U) 12-11
11:40 Trident v. Boerne B (14U) 13-1
12:30 Southside v. Thunder Silver (14U) 9-1
1:20 Southside v. Thunder Yellow (16U) 3-14
2:10 Trident v. Thunder White (18U) 9-6
3:00 Southside v. Boerne B (14U)16-7
3:50 Trident v. Thunder Silver (14U)14-2
4:40 Southside v. Boerne (16U) 3-12
5:30 Southside v. Trident (18U) 12-1

Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
10:50 Longhorn v. Viper Pigeons (18U) 10-3
11:40 Boerne A v. Thunder Purple (14U) 18-4
12:30 Thunder Black v. Pegasus (14U) 13-5
1:20 Boerne v. Thunder 14’s (16U) 21-8
2:10 Thunder Sil v. Viper Pigeons (18U)9.4-9.3
3:00 Boerne A v. Pegasus (14U) 15-4
3:50 Thun Black v. Thun Purple (14U) 12-8
4:40 Thun Yellow v. Thunder 14’s (16U)11-5
5:30 Longhorn v. Thunder Silver (18U) 8.5-8.2
6:20 Thun 14’s v. Thun Green (18UG) 8-5

Southlake Pool #3:  Entrance
12:30 Trident v. Thunder Silver (12U) 17-5
1:20 Thun Black v. Viper Pigeons (12U)15-5
2:10 Boerne v. Thunder Silver (12U) 16-6
3:00 Thun 14’s v. Thun Orange (18UG)10-2
3:50 Pegasus v. Viper Pigeons (12U) 5-0
4:40 Thun Green v. Thun Orange (18UG)3-5
5:30 Trident v. Boerne (12U) 6-18
6:20 Thun Black v. Pegasus (12U) 14-7

Sunday, November 5th
Southlake Pool #1:  Diving Boards
7:30 Thun White v. VP(18U 5th, Game #1) 14-7
8:20 Trident v. Thun Silver (18U Semi) 5-10
9:10 Boerne B v. Thunder Silver (14U) 0-5
10:00 Trident v. Southside (14U) 13-6
10:50 Southside v. Thunder 14’s (16U)8-11
11:40 Thun White v. VP(18U5th,Game #2)13-5
12:30 Thunder Silver v. Longhorn (18U, 1st)5-4
1:20 Southside  v. Thunder Black (14U, 3rd/4th)2-11
2:10 Trident  v. Boerne A (14U, 1st/2nd)11-9
3:00 Boerne v. Thunder Yellow(16U, 1st/2nd)11-13

Southlake Pool #2: Middle Pool
8:20 Longhorn v. Southside (18U Semi) 14-3
9:10 Thunder Purple v. Pegasus (14U) 5-0
10:00 Boerne A v. Thunder Black (14U) 7-2
10:50 Boerne v. Thunder Yellow (16U)10-9
11:40 No Game
12:30 Trident v. Southside (18U, 3rd)7.5-7.3
1:20 Boerne B v. Pegasus (14U, 7th/8th)5-0
2:10 Thun Sil v. Thun Purple (14U, 5th/6th)9-8
3:00 Thunder 14’s v. Southside (16U, 3rd/4th)8-9

Southlake Pool #3:  Entrance
7:30 Thun 14’s v. Thun Orange (18UG) 8-6
8:20 Thun Sil v. V Pigeon  (12U 5th, Game #1) 15-12
9:10 Boerne v. Pegasus (12U Semi) 19-7
10:00 Thun Black v. Trident(12U Semi) 11-5
10:50 ThunGreenv.Thun Orange (18UG)6-11
11:40 Thun Sil v. V P (12U5th, G #2)13-12
12:30 Pegasus v. Trident (12U, 3rd/4th)11-14
1:20 Boerne v. Thun Black(12U, 1st/2nd)12-17
2:10 Thun 14’s v. Thun Green (18UG)5-0

Saturday, November 4th
Keller Pool #1:  Diving Boards
7:30 HOPS Red v. Trident (Men) (6-7)
8:20 TOTEX v. Thunder 16’s (Men) (15-1)
9:10 Dallas v. Viper Pigeons (Men)(7-6)
10:00 San Antonio v. Thunder 18’s (Men)(17-11)
10:50 South Florida v. Trident (Men)(10-6)
11:40 UTA v. Thunder 16’s (Men)(1-16)
12:30 U-Texas v. Viper Pigeons (Men)(8.6-8.5)
1:20 HOPS Blue v. San Antonio (Men)(14-4)
2:10 South Florida v. HOPS Red (Men)(17-8)
3:00 TOTEX v. UTA (Men)(19-2)
3:50 Dallas v. U-Texas (Men) (8-4)
4:40 1st A Hops Blue v. 2nd B Trident(Men Crossover)(11-1)
5:301st B S.Fla v. 2nd A San Antonio (Men Crossover) (17-4)
6:20 1st C TOTEX v. 2nd D UT  (Men Crossover)(10-5)
7:10 1st D Dallas v. 2nd C Th 16’s (Men Crossover)(9-7)

Keller Pool #2:  Bulkhead/Shallow
7:30 HOPS Blue v. Thunder 18’s (Men) (14-3)
8:20 Thunder 18’s v. Gator Gals (Women) (12-1)
9:10 Wahoos v. Southside (Women) (13-1)
10:00 Longhorn v. Thunder 16’s (Women) (3-5)
10:50 HOPS v. Viper Pigeons (Women) (16-3)
11:40 Wahoos v. Gator Gals (Women) (24-3)
12:30 Thunder 18’s v. Southside (Women) (14-1)
1:20 HOPS v. Thunder 16’s (Women)(17-0)
2:10 Longhorn v. Viper Pigeons (Women)(3-10)
3:00 Southside v. Gator Gals (Women) (8-5)
3:50 Wahoos v. Thunder 18’s (Women) (8-9)
4:40 3rd A Thu18’s v. 3rd B Hops Red (13-4)
5:30 3rd C UTA v. 3rd D Viper Pigeons (Men 9-12 RR)
6:20 Viper Pigeon v. Thunder 16’s (Women)(11-4)
7:10 HOPS v. Longhorn (Women)(11-2)

Sunday, November 5th
Keller Pool #1:  Diving Boards
7:30 Thunder 18’s  v. UTA  (Men 9-12 RR)(17-5)
8:20 Trident v. UT  (Men, 5-8 Semi)(9-13)
9:10 San Ant v.  Th 16’s (Men, 5-8 Semi)(9-13)
10:00 HOPS Blue  v. TOTEX(Men, 1-4 Semi)(6-10)
10:50 S Fla v. Dallas  (Men, 1-4 Semi)(7-12)
11:40 Thunder 18’s  v. VP (Men 9-12 RR)(7-17)
12:30 Trident v. San Ant (Men, 7th/8th Place)(9-3)
1:20 UT v. Th 16’s (Men, 5th/6th Place)(17-7)
2:10 HOPS Blue. v. S Fla (Men, 3rd/4th Place)(13-10)
3:00 TOTEX v. Dallas(Men, 1st/2nd Place)(9-5)

Keller Pool #2: Bulkhead/Shallow
7:30 Hops Red v. VP (Men 9-12 RR)(2-7)
8:20 Th 16’s v. Gator Gals (Women, 5-8 Semi)(12-7)
9:10 Southside v. Longhorn (Women, 5-8 Semi)(5-2)
10:00 HOPS  v. Wahoos  (Women, 1-4 Semi)(0-5)
10:50 Th 18’s v. VP  (Women, 1-4 Semi)(10-7)
11:40 HOPS Red  v. UTA (Men 9-12 RR)(13-2)
12:30 Gator Gals v. Longhorn (Wom 7th/8th Place)(6-16)
1:20 Th 16’s v Southside (Women, 5th/6th Place)(11-10)
2:10 HOPS  v. VP (Women, 3rd/4th Place)(16-3)
3:00 Wahoo v Th 18’s (Women, 1st/2nd Place)(9-10)

Final Standings:
Men’s Open:
1. Totex
2. Dallas
3. HOPS Blue
4. South Florida
5. Univ. of Texas
6. Thunder 16s
7. Trident
8. San Antonio
9. West Houston
10. Thunder 18s
11. HOPS Red
12. UT Arlington

Women’s Open:
1. Thunder 18s
2. Wahoos
4. West Houston
5. Thunder 16s
6. Southside
7. Longhorn
8. Gator Gals

18U Boys/Coed:
1. Thunder Silver
2. Longhorn
3. Trident
4. Southside
5. Thunder White
6. West Houston

18U  Girls:
1. Thunder 14s
2. Thunder Orange
3. Thunder Green

16U Boys/Coed:
1. Thunder Yellow
2. Boerne
3. Southside
4. Thunder 14s

14U Coed:
1. Trident
2. Boerne A
3. Thunder Black
4. Southside
5. Thunder Silver
6. Thunder Purple
7. Boerne B
8. Pegasus

12U Coed:
1. Thunder Black
2. Boerne
3. Trident
4. Pegasus
5. Thunder Silver
6. West Houston