North Texas Thunder Wins Inagural Age Group Connor Cup

The North Texas Thunder WPC edged West Houston Water Polo by a slim point margin of 129 to 124 to win the inagural Southwest Zone Age Group Connor Cup award. This award accumulates placement points from 11 specific Southwest Zone age group events into one combined point summation over the course of a calendar year to recognize a winner. Three seasonal awards are also selected, with West Houston taking Spring and Summer, but Thunder winning the Fall. See the Connor Cup menu link at this site for details on this event and a full tally of the scoring.

USAWP Champions Cup

Two teams from Thunder Water Polo and one team each from St. Marks and West Houston competed in the USAWP Champions Cup (14&Under) last week in Lewisville, TX near Dallas.  In the Boys division, the Thunder Boys placed 9th, followed by St. Mark’s at 12th.  In the Girls Divison, West Houston placed 11th, followed by Thunder in 12th.

The following Southwest Zone players received the Sportsmanship Awards for their clubs:

Kaylee Pfister – Thunder
Tessa Welch – Viper Pigeons
Robert Newman – St. Marks
Rylan Lantz – Thunder

USAWP Champions Cup in Dallas

The USA Water Polo TYR Champions Cup is this upcoming weekend in North Texas at the Lewisville ISD Westside Aquatic Center.  Thunder Water Polo is proud to host the event along with USA Water Polo and welcome all the teams to North Texas.  This event is an USA Water Polo National Championship for 14U/8th Grade & Younger athletes and will have teams come from throughout the country (from the east coast to the west coast) participating in a 24 team, three day tournament (12 boys teams, 12 girls teams).  Thunder Water Polo and Viper Pigeons are competing in the Girls Division.  Thunder Water Polo and St Marks WPC will be competing in the Boys Division.  All are encouraged to come out to the tournament to help welcome all the teams from across the country to the Southwest Zone as well as cheer on the local Southwest Zone teams.  The USA Water Polo TYR Champions Cup website is  Below is the basic information for the tournament (including information for online streaming if you can’t make the tournament).

Tournament Location:  Lewisville ISD Westside Aquatic Center, 1750 Duncan Ln, Lewisville, TX 75067, 214-222-6940.  Website:

Admissions:  The cost for admission this weekend is $15 for a one day pass, $35 for a Friday-Sunday pass, $25 for Saturday-Sunday pass, $5 for a one day pass for Students age 11-18, and children 10 & younger are FREE.

TYR Champions Cup Online PDF Schedules:

Girls Schedule:

Boys Schedule:

Quick Results:

Online Streaming:

Tournament Hotel Information:

Hilton Garden Inn, 785 SH-121 Bypass, Lewisville, TX 75067, 972-459-4600Click here to make reservations online

Courtyard Marriott, 2701 Lake Vista Dr., Lewisville, TX 75067, To book click the following link. Or call 972-316-3100Book your group rate: USA Water Polo

Holiday Inn Express, 780 E Vista Ridge Mall Dr., Lewisville, TX 75067, To book online, go to Use group code: USA.  Or call 972-459-8000 Ask for the USA Water Polo Event

USAWP Southwest Zone Board Elections for 2015

The Southwest Zone of USA Water Polo is holding elections for the Southwest Zone Board.  There are three board positions up for election (seven total board positions).  Overall there are seven spots on the Southwest Zone Board.  I have attached the current Southwest Zone Policies & Procedures.  Board eligibility and responsibilities are described in full within the attached Zone Policy document.   All Southwest Zone information can also be found online at  Below is brief summary of the election process, eligibility, obligations, and voter eligibility.

Southwest Zone Board Election Process:
• Nominations for three zone board positions will be accepted beginning today, October 29th and ending Sunday, November 30th.
• Please submit nominations to
• Self nominations are encouraged.  Please only nominate a person if said person has agreed to fulfill the duties of the zone board position.
• After November 30th (early December), another email will be sent out with the nominee names and voting procedures (online/email voting process for registered members)
• Only current USA Water Polo members will then be able to vote from Saturday, December 20th to Tuesday, December 30th.
• The newly elected members of the Southwest Zone Board will be announced in January 2015.
• Outgoing Zone Board members:  JT Wall and Scott Slay (can be nominated for re-election).  Additionally, an extra Zone Board position has been created that needs to be filled in this election cycle.
• Continuing Zone Board members:  Joe Linehan, Robert Albach, and Jimmy Linehan (positions up for election in 2016).  Vern Heimbigner as the Southwest Zone Head Referee is automatically part of the Southwest Zone Board as per USA Water Polo by-laws.  The Zone Head Referee position is appointed by USA Water Polo.

Southwest Zone Board Eligibility:
• Over 18 years of age
• Be a current member of USA Water Polo
• Have principal place of residence within the Southwest Zone.
Southwest Zone Board Obligations:
• Board Member terms are 4 years
• Board Members must attend Zone Board meetings (normally by conference call)

Voter Eligibility:
• 18 year of age on date of election
• Current member of USAWP 60 days prior to date of election
• Affiliated with club within the Zone or have principal place of residence within the zone
• Able to provide proof of USA Water Polo membership/voter eligibility

If you have any questions, please contact one of below Southwest Zone Board members who are handling the election process for 2014.

Joe Linehan, Southwest Zone Chair:
Robert Albach, Southwest Zone Board Member:

Armadillo Classic Results

Armadillo Classic – Results – 2014 – Saturday, October 4th
Pool #1: Diving Boards
11:00 St Marks-3 v. Thunder Black-12 (12th U Boys)
11:50 St Marks-10 v. Thunder Silver-9 (10th U Boys/Coed)
12:40 Thunder Red-14 v. Thunder Blue-11 (12th U Girls)
1:30 Thunder Black-8 v. Thunder Silver-8 (12th U Boys)
2:20 St Marks-7 v. Thunder White-15 (10th U Boys/Coed)
3:10 Thunder Red-7 v. Thunder Blue-9 (12th U Girls)
4:00 St Marks-15 v. Thunder Silver-1 (12th U Boys)
4:50 Thunder Black-12 v. Longhorn-6 (10th U Boys/Coed)
5:40 Thunder Red-15 v. Thunder Blue-13 (12th U Girls)
6:30 St Marks-4 v. Thunder Black-10 (12th U Boys)

Pool #2: Entrance/Locker Rooms
11:00 St Marks-4 v. Thunder-15 (6th Grade U)
11:50 Thun Black-5 v. Thun White-1 (10th U Boys/Coed)
12:40 St Marks-21 v. Thunder Silver-5 (8th Grade U)
1:30 Thunder Black-12 v. Longhorn-2 (8th Grade U)
2:20 Thunder Silver-15 v. Longhorn-1 (10th U Boys/Coed)
3:10 Thunder-4 v. Longhorn-22 (6th Grade U)
4:00 Thunder Silver-5 v. Longhorn-14 (8th Grade U)
4:50 St Marks-4 v. Thunder Black-14 (8th Grade U)
5:40 St Marks-4 v. Longhorn-18 (6th Grade U)

Armadillo Classic – Results – 2014 – Sunday, October 5th
Pool #1: Diving Boards
7:30 St Marks-20 v. Thunder Silver-2 (12th U Boys)
8:20 Thunder Red-12 v. Thunder Yellow-4 (12th U Girls)
9:10 Longhorn-7 v. Thunder White-14 (10th U Boys/Coed)
10:00 St Marks-8 v. Thunder Black-12 (12th U Boys)
10:50 Thunder Red-14 v. Thunder Blue-7 (12th U Girls)
11:40 St Marks-10 v. Longhorn-7 (10th U Boys/Coed)
12:30 Thunder Black-13 v. Thunder Silver-7 (12th U Boys)
1:20 Thunder Yellow-6 v. Thunder Blue-10 (12th U Girls)
2:10 St Marks-0 v. Thunder Black-5 (10th U Boys/Coed)

Pool #2: Entrance/Locker Rooms
7:30 Thunder-7 v. Longhorn-20 (6th Grade U)
8:20 Thunder Black-10 v. Thunder Silver-5 (8th Grade U)
9:10 St Marks-12 v. Longhorn-6 (8th Grade U)
10:00 St Marks-5 v. Longhorn-19 (6th Grade U)
10:50 Thun Black-15 v. Thun Silver-6 (10th U Boys/Coed)
11:40 3rd Seed-Longhorn-9 v. 4th Seed-ThunSilver-1 (8th U, 3rd)
12:30 1st Seed-ThunBlack-17 v. 2nd Seed-St Marks-7 (8th U, 1st)
1:20 St Marks-8 v Thunder-17 (6th Grade U)
2:10 Thun Silver-3 v. Thun White-12 (10th U Boys/Coed)

Division, Teams, & Final Standings:

12th Grade U Boys
1.Thunder Black
2.St Marks
3.Thunder Silver

12th/10th Grade U Girls
1.Thunder Red
2.Thunder Blue
3.Thunder Yellow

10th Grade U Boys/Coed
1.Thunder Black
2.Thunder White
3.St Marks
4.Thunder Silver

8th Grade U Coed
1.Thunder Black
2.St Marks
4.Thunder Silver

6th Grade U Coed
3.St Marks

Longhorn Invite Results

Saturday, September 13th Pool 1 (Flag End)
Game Time White Teams Dark Team Division

1 12:00 pm Longhorn v. VP Seahawks 12U 8 12
2 12:45 pm Longhorn v. VP Jets 14U 16 1
3 1:30 pm San Antonio v. Thunder 12U/14U 5 10
4 2:15 pm Thunder Yellow v. VP Raiders 14U 15 2
5 3:00 pm Longhorn v. Thunder Gold 18U 2 14
6 3:45 pm VP Steelers v. Thunder White 18U/14U 3 16
7 4:30 pm Longhorn v. Thunder 12U 5 16
8 5:15 pm Longhorn v. Thunder Yellow 14U 5 11
9 6:00 pm VP Seahawks v. San Antonio 12U/14U 12 4
10 6:45 pm VP Raiders v. Thunder Gold 14U/18U 4 13
11 7:30 pm Longhorn v. VP Steelers 18U 11 11
12 8:15 pm VP Jets v. Thunder White 14U 9 12

Saturday September 13th Pool 2 (Non Flag End)
1 12:00 pm VP Patriots v. HOPS W 3 9
2 12:45 pm UT v. VP Colts M 17 2
3 1:30 pm Austin v. Thunder W 8 4
4 2:15 pm TOTEX v. HOPS M 9 8
5 3:00 pm San Antonio v. VP Colts M 11 2
6 3:45 pm HOPS v. VP Chargers W 10 2
7 4:30 pm Thunder Black v. HOPS M 10 7
8 5:15 pm Thunder v. VP Patriots W 2 7
9 6:00 pm TOTEX v. VP Broncos M 8 5
10 6:45 pm Austin v. VP Chargers W 9 6
11 7:30 pm UT v. San Antonio M 13 2
12 8:15 pm Thunder Black v. VP Broncos M 10 6

Sunday September 14th Pool 1 (Flag End)
1 8:00 am Longhorn v. Thunder 12U/14U 11 2
2 8:45 am VP Jets v. Thunder Yellow 14U 2 13
3 9:30 am Longhorn v. VP Seahawks 12U 13 9
4 10:15 am Thunder White v. VP Raiders 14U 9 6
5 11:00 am Longhorn v. Thunder Gold 12U 1 11
6 11:45 am Thunder White v. VP Steelers 14U/18U 12 6
7 12:30 pm Thunder v. VP Seahawks 12U 7 4
8 1:15 pm VP Jets v. San Antonio 14U 9 7
9 2:00 pm VP Steelers v. Thunder Gold 18U 1 10
10 2:45 pm Thunder Yellow v. Longhorn 14U/18U 8 8
11 3:30 pm VP Raiders v. Longhorn 14U 9 12
12 4:15 pm Longhorn v. San Antonio 12U/14U 5 9

Sunday September 14th Pool 2 (Non-Flag End)

1 8:00 am Austin v. VP Patriots W 9 8
2 8:45 am Thunder Black v. VP Colts M 12 1
3 9:30 am Thunder v. HOPS W 2 8
4 10:15 am San Antonio v. VP Broncos M 8 16
5 11:00 am UT v. HOPS M 10 10
6 11:45 am VP Chargers v. Thunder W 2 8
7 12:30 pm TOTEX v. Thunder Black M 8 5
8 1:15 pm Austin v. HOPS W 4 6
9 2:00 pm VP Colts v. VP Broncos M 6 13
10 2:45 pm VP Patriots v. VP Chargers W 7 5
11 3:30 pm HOPS v. San Antonio M 11 11
12 4:15 pm UT v. TOTEX M 9 9

ODP Holiday Camp 2014

USA Water Polo’s is accepting nominations for the ODP Holiday Camp 2014.

Boys Holiday Camp – December 11-15, 2014
Girls Holiday Camp – December 18-22, 2014

This camp is grade based – all campers must be in the 8th grade or under.

Athlete – $400
Includes campers’ housing, food, ground transportation and all camp materials. Airfare is NOT included.

Non scholarship Coach/Referee – $225
Includes coach/referee housing, food, ground transportation and all camp materials. Airfare is NOT included.

Coach and Referee Scholarships
Four (4) coach scholarships per zone (2 coaches per zone at each camp)
Scholarship covers housing, food and ground transportation; airfare is NOT included.

Two (2) referee scholarships per zone (1 referee per zone at each camp)
Scholarship covers housing, food, and ground transportation; airfare is NOT included.

Camp Nominations will be accepted: 9/1/14 through 10/15/14
Camp size is limited to 120 athletes allocated by ODP Zone

All nominations will be done through online nomination form

Click here to access 2014 Holiday Camp Nomination Form

The USA Water Polo Holiday Camp was started in 1985 and remains one of the USAWP’s greatest annual events. Each year athletes and coaches from across the country have convened at the USA Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado to learn from the top coaches in the country. In 2009, the Holiday Camp was moved under the auspices of the Olympic Development Program (ODP) with the intent of continuing the tradition of conducting the Holiday Camp with an emphasis on the long-term development of athletes and coaches. In 2009, referees were added to the Holiday Camp.

In 2010 the Holiday Camp was divided into a Boy’s and Girl’s Camp in order to increase the number of athletes, coaches and referees participating in this special environment conducted by the best in our sport at an Olympic Training Center.

USAWP Coach/Referee Clinic in Austin (Sept 20-21)

USA Water Polo will be hosting a combined, two-day Coach/Referee Clinic at the UT Swim Center on September 20-21. All water polo coaches and referees are welcome to attend. There is NO cost for the clinic. You do NOT need to be a USA Water Polo member to attend. All are welcome. Please see below for more information. A flyer for the clinic is also attached. Pass the Word!!!

USA Water Polo Coach/Referee Clinic
Date: Saturday-Sunday, September 20-21
Location: UT Swim Center, 1900 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78712
Coach Clinician: John Abdou, USA Water Polo High Performance Director
Referee Clinician: Jim Cullingham, USA Water Polo Director of Officials
Online Registration: Please use the following link to pre-register for the clinic. There is NO cost for the clinic. You do NOT need to be a USA Water Polo member to attend the clinic. Walk-ins are welcome.

Coach Clinic Timeline:All Coach Clinic Sessions will be in the UT Swim Center Classroom on the lower level next to the men’s locker room.
Saturday, September 20th:
3:00-5:00 pm, Coach/Referee Joint Session: New Rules & Points of Emphasis
5:00-7:00 pm, Coach Session #1: Fundamentals, Practice/Season Planning
Sunday, September 21st:
9:00-10:15 am, Coach Session #2: Offense – Technical and Tactical
10:15-11:30 am, Coach Session #3: Defense – Technical and Tactical
11:30 am – 12:00 pm: Lunch Provided in UT Swim Center Classroom
12:00-2:00 pm, On Deck Athlete Clinic: Watch and observe Coach Abdou work with athletes and coach fundamentals on deck at the UT Swim Center.

Referee Clinic Timeline: All Referee Clinic Sessions will be in the UT Swim Center Conference Room on the second floor adjacent to the Hall of Fame. The Joint Coach/Referee Session will be in UT Swim Center Classroom.
Saturday, September 20th:
3:00-5:00 pm, Coach/Referee Joint Session: New Rules & Points of Emphasis
5:00-7:00 pm, Referee Session #1: Philosophy, Responsibility, and Accountability; Mechanics and Professionalism
Sunday, September 21st:
9:00-10:15 am, Referee Session #2: Categories of Fouls and Application
10:15-11:30 am, Referee Session #3: Advantage & Flow; Special Situations
11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Lunch Provided in UT Swim Center Classroom
12:30-1:00 pm: Meet in UT Swim Center Classroom for preparations and organizations for on deck evaluations and observations
1:00-3:00 pm: On Deck Evaluations and Observations at UT Swim Center

Clinic Hotel Information: Holiday Inn Austin-Town Lake. 20 North Ih-35, Austin, TX 78701, (512) 472-8211. A room block has been created for Saturday night with the group name “USA Water Polo Coach/Referee Clinic” and the group rate of $120 (rate will be honored for Friday pending space availability). This rate includes Free Parking, internet, etc. The deadline to book your rooms is Tuesday, September 16th. Please call the hotel directly to book your room.

(final)USAWP Girls National Junior Olympics Results – SW Zone

The results for Southwest Zone girls teams playing this week in the USA Water Polo National Junior Olympic are included below. This page will be updated regularly this week as results come in.

18&Under Girls Championship:
Commerce Aquatics 15, Viper Pigeons Green 2
Viper Pigeons Green 11, Westside Aquatics 9
Xtreme Green 14, Viper Pigeons Green 1
Viper Pigeons Green Advances to Gold Bracket
American River 12, Viper Pigeons Green 5
Viper Pigeons Green 5, Santa Barbara B 3
Raider Water Polo 10, Viper Pigeons Green 9
Westside Aquatics 10, Viper Pigeons Green 9
Shaq 7, Viper Pigeons Green 6
Viper Pigeons Green Places 12th in 18U Girls Gold

Stanford A 21, Thunder Black 1
Alliance 11, Thunder Black 3
Thunder Black Advances to Gold Bracket
Kearns 8, Thunder Black 6
Thunder Black 14, Narrows WPC 5
Thunder Black 10, Diablo Red 6
Tualatin Hills WPC 12, Thunder Black 7
Kearns 11, Thunder Black 2
Thunder Black Places 16th in 18U Girls Gold

CHAWP 18, Viper Pigeons Black 4
C Cal Water Polo 18, Viper Pigeons Black 1
Viper Pigeons Black Advances to Gold Bracket
Tualatin Hills WPC 8, Viper Pigeons Black 2
Chula Vista AC 14, Viper Pigeons Black 7
Northwest Orca WPC 14, Viper Pigeons Black 6
Narrows WPC 11, Viper Pigeons Black 5
Scots Water Polo 5, Viper Pigeons Black 4
Viper Pigeons Black Places 24th in 18U Girls Gold

16&Under Girls Championship:
Greenwich Aquatics 5, Viper Pigeons Green 3
Viper Pigeons Green 10, West Valley WPC 2
Seattle Water Polo 8, Viper Pigeons Green 6
Viper Pigeons Green Advances to Gold Bracket
Viper Pigeons Green 16, Trojan WPC 9
Viper Pigeons Green 6, 680 Blue B 0
Lamorinda 4, Viper Pigeons Green 3
Set Pink 9, Viper Pigeons Green 1
Viper Pigeons Green 9, Thunder Water Polo 4
Viper Pigeons Green Places 5th in 16U Girls Gold

Elite 12, Thunder Water Polo 2
Thunder Water Polo 6, Carlsbad Water Polo 3
Riverside Water Polo 12, Thunder Water Polo 2
Thunder Water Polo Advances to Gold Bracket
Lamorinda 8, Thunder Water Polo 3
Thunder Water Polo 6, CDM Aquatics 5
Thunder Water Polo 8, Davis WPC 5
Thunder Water Polo 7, Trojan WPC 6
American River 13, Thunder Water Polo 3
Viper Pigeons Green 9, Thunder Water Polo 4
Thunder Water Polo Places 6th in 16U Girls Gold

16&Under Girls Classic:
Ripon Aquatics 7, Viper Pigeons Black 3
Fullerton Hills WPC 9, Viper Pigeons Black 1
International WPC 6, Viper Pigeons Black 3
Viper Pigeons Black Advances to Bronze Bracket
Viper Pigeons Black 7, Rain City Water Polo 2
San Diego Shores C 5, Viper Pigeons Black 4
Viper Pigeons Black 6, South Bay United 3
Chehalem WPC 7, Viper Pigeons Black 1
Viper Pigeons Black 7, Marin WPC 5
Viper Pigeons Black Places 7th in 16U Girls Bronze

14&Under Girls Championship:
Clovis WPC 9(3), Viper Pigeons Green 9(0)(shootout)
Viper Pigeons Green 10, Shaq 4
Pacific Polo 10, Viper Pigeons Green 9
Viper Pigeons Green Advances to Gold Bracket
Viper Pigeons Green 9, Thunder 6
Viper Pigeons Green 6, Riverside Water Polo 3
Santa Barbara B 11, Viper Pigeons Green 9
San Jose Almaden 11, Viper Pigeons Green 7
Viper Pigeons Green 4, Bruin WPC 3
Viper Pigeons Green Places 5th in 14U Girls Gold

San Diego Shores 15, Thunder 6
Thunder 19, American River 7
CHAWP 15, Thunder 8
Thunder Advances to Gold Bracket
Viper Pigeons Green 9, Thunder 6
Riverside Water Polo 10, Thunder 6
San Jose Almaden 15, Thunder 9
Thunder 15, Stanford B 5
Thunder 14, Shaq 7
Chicago Park District 10, Thunder 9
Thunder Places 14th in 14U Girls Gold

12&Under Girls Championship:
Trojan WPC 13, Viper Pigeons Green 2
International WPC 7, Viper Pigeons Green 4
Viper Pigeons Green 8, Offshore 5
Viper Pigeons Green Advances to Platinum Bracket
Pacific Polo 7, Viper Pigeons Green 5
Rose Bowl 8, Viper Pigeons Green 2
Ball Under WPC 7, Viper Pigeons Green 4
CDM White 15, Viper Pigeons Green 4
Viper Pigeons Green 10, Island Water Polo 4
Viper Pigeons Green Places 23rd in 12U Girls Platinum