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18U/16U NJO Qualification Results

Link below contains the scores from this past weekend’s 18U/16U JO Qualification tournament hosted by CFWPC in Houston, TX.

SWZ NJO Quals – 18U/16U Divisions  Online Results/Final Standings (please click here)

SWZ NJO Quals – 18U/16U Divisions – Final Standings/Seeding for NJO’s:

16U Girls:

  1. Thunder Black
  2. Viper Pigeon Green
  3. Longhorn
  4. CFWPC
16U Boys:

  1. Thunder Black
  2. Storm
  3. Southside
  4. Viper Pigeon Green
  5. Zilla
  6. CFWPC
  7. Longhorn
18U Girls:

  1. Viper Pigeon Green
  2. CFWPC
  3. Thunder Black
  4. Thunder Silver
  5. Southside
  6. Longhorn
  7. Viper Pigeon Black
  8. San Antonio
18U Boys:

  1. Thunder Black
  2. Viper Pigeon Green
  3. Trident
  4. Storm
  5. Longhorn
  6. Thunder Silver
  7. San Antonio
  8. CFWPC
  9. Southside
  10. Viper Pigeon Black

14U/12U JO Qualification Results

Hosted this past weekend by Southside Water Polo in Pearland, TX.

SWZ NJO Quals – 14U/12U Divisions – Final Standings/Seeding for NJO’s:  Teams are listed 1st/top Seed to lowest seed, left to right.
10U Mixed (1):  Viper Pigeon Green
12U Girls (1):  Pegasus
12U Boys (3):  Thunder Black, Pegasus, Viper Pigeon Green
14U Girls (4):  Thunder Black, Viper Pigeon Green, Southside, Thunder Silver
14U Boys (5):  Pegasus, Thunder Black, Southside, Viper Pigeon Green, Thunder Silver

Saturday, June 8th: Diving Boards (Pool #1)
11:00 Pool Opens for warm up
11:30 Southside-21 v. Viper Pigeon Green-7 (14UB)
12:20 Thunder Black-15 v. Viper Pigeon Green-5 (14UG)
1:10 Pegasus-21 v. Viper Pigeon Green-3 (14UB)
2:00 Thunder Black-5 v. Thunder Silver-0 (14UB)
2:50 Thunder Black-5 v. Thunder Silver-0 (14UG)
3:40 Pegasus-12 v. Southside-8 (14UB)
4:30 No Game
5:20 Thunder Silver-10 v. Viper Pigeon Green-12 (14UB)
6:10 Pegasus-13 v. Thunder Black-8 (14UB)
11:00 Pool Opens for warm up
11:30 Pegasus-9 v. Thunder Black-14 (12UB)
12:20 Southside-15 v. Thunder Silver-3 (14UG)
1:10 No Game
2:00 Pegasus-18 v. Viper Pigeon Green-1 (12UB)
2:50 Southside-14 v. Viper Pigeon Green-22 (14UG)
3:40 No Game
4:30 Thunder Black-16 v. Viper Pigeon Green-2 (12UB)
5:20 Thunder Silver-14 v. Viper Pigeon Green-23 (14UG)
6:10 Thunder Black-18 v. Southside-2 (14UG)

Sunday, June 9th: Diving Boards (Pool #1)
7:30 Pool Opens for warm up
8:00 Southside-14 v. Thunder Silver-4 (14UB)
8:50 Thunder Black-18 v. Viper Pigeon Green-0 (14UB)
9:40 Thunder Black-5 v. Thunder Silver-0 (14UG – Semi)
10:30 Pegasus-17 v. Thunder Silver-4 (14UB)
11:20 Southside-7 v. Thunder Black-11 (14UB)
12:10 Thunder Silver-4 v. Southside-11 (14UG – 3rd Place)
1:00 Thunder Black-15 v. VP Green-5 (14UG – 1st Place)
1:50 Pegasus-16 v. Thunder Black-6 (14UB – 1st Place)
7:30 Pool Opens for warm up
8:00 Pegasus-25 v. Viper Pigeon Green-7 (12U)
8:50 No Game
9:40 Viper Pigeon Green-17 v. Southside-11 (14UG-Semi)
10:30 Thunder Black-16 v. Viper Pigeon Green-3 (12U)
11:20 No Game
12:10 No Game
1:00 Pegasus-7 v. Thunder Black-11 (12U)
1:50 Southside-17 v. VP Green-6 (14UB – 3rd Place)

Welcome To Texas Shootout Results

See USAWP story at:

Congrats to all the clubs, teams, coaches, athletes, and parents who participated at the Welcome to Texas Shootout this past weekend in San Antonio at the NISD Swim Center.  Additionally, a VERY BIG thank you to the referees who were out under the sun along with all the teams.  Northside ISD and San Antonio Sports did a tremendous job hosting the tournament, welcoming all the participants, providing all the table workers/supervisors, hospitality, volunteers, etc.  USA Water Polo hopes to continue the event in San Antonio moving forward and eventually getting up to 75 total teams at the tournament (NISD Swim Center will have two additional courses available next year).  This is only the beginning to making the Welcome to Texas Shootout the premier event outside of California which will only attract more and more out of state teams for years to come.  Below is a link to all of the tournament final results/standings.

Welcome to Texas Shootout – Final Results/Standings – 2019 (Google Sheets Link, click here)

Alamo Sports Photography (click here):  Please go to this website to view and purchase action/team photos from both Saturday and Sunday (including pics of all the award winners).