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Southside Badger Brawl Results

Results from the Badger Brawl held this past weekend in Pearland, TX:

8th Grade Coed Navy Division: 
1. Pegasus
2. Thunder Black
3. Southside Navy
4. Sea Bears
5. Zilla

8th Grade Coed Silver Division: 
1. Viper Pigeons
2. Storm WPC
3. Thunder Silver
4. Longhorn
5. Southside Silver

8th Grade Girls: 
1. Thunder
2. Southside

6th Grade Coed: 
1. Thunder
2. Sea Bears
3. Viper Pigeons
4. Southside

8:30 AM Southside v. Viper Pigeons 2- 7 (6th U)
9:20 AM Viper Pigeons v. Storm WPC 14 -11 (8th U Silver)
10:10 AM Southside Silver v. Longhorn 4- 18 (8th U Silver)
11:00 AM Southside Navy v. Sea Bears 17 -8 (8th U Navy)
11:50 AM Thunder Black v. Zilla 17 -4 (8th U Navy)
12:40 PM Thunder v. Sea Bears 19 -17 (6th U) Pool Closed
1:30 PM Storm WPC v. Southside Silver 21 -8 (8th U Silver)
2:20 PM Thunder Black v. Pegasus 10- 14 (8th U Navy)
3:10 PM Thunder Silver v. Viper Pigeons 5- 13 (8th U Silver) Southside Navy v. Zilla 18 -7 (8th U Navy)
4:00 PM Southside v. Sea Bears (6th U) 4- 16 Viper Pigeons v. Thunder 11- 17 (6th U)
4:50 PM
Thunder Silver v. Southside Silver 13 -11(8th U Silver) Pegasus v. Sea Bears (8th U Navy) 8 -3
5:40 PM Storm WPC v. Longhorn (8th U Silver) 12 -10 Thunder v. Southside (8th U Girls) 14 -2

8:30 AM Southside Navy v. Pegasus 6 -11 (8th U Navy) Longhorn v. Thunder Silver 5 -6 (8th U Silver)
9:20 AM Thunder Black v. Sea Bears (8th U Navy) 16 -1 Southside Silver v. Viper Pigeons (8th U Silver) 6- 15
10:10 AM Thunder v. Southside (8th U Girls) 14 -5 Southside v. Thunder (6th U) 2- 15
11:00 AM Pegasus v. Zilla (8th U Navy) 20 -14 Sea Bears v. Viper Pigeons (6th U) 16 -9
11:50 AM Southside Navy v. Thunder Black (8th U Navy) 9- 14 Longhorn v. Viper Pigeons (8th U Silver) 7- 11
12:40 PM Zilla v. Sea Bears (8th U Navy) 10- 17 Storm v. Thunder Silver (8th U Silver) 11- 7
1:30 PM Thunder v. Sea Bears (6th U – 1st) 20 -18 Viper Pigeons v. Southside (6th U – 3rd) 13 -4
2:20 PM Pegasus v. Thunder Black (8th 1st Navy) 17- 7 Viper Pigeon v. Storm (8th 1st Silver) 13 -8

Spinlob Results

The Spinlob tournament was held in Austin, TX this past weekend by Longhorn Aquatics.   Final team standings for the men’s and women’s divisions were:

1st NYAC
2nd O-Club
3rd Darkside
4th Chicago
5th Dallas
6th Clayton
7th HOPS
9th Golden Gators
10th Asphalt Green
11th Denver
12th Riptide
13th UT
14th South Florida
15th Arizona
16th Austin

1st North Texas
2nd O-Club
3rd Victorious Secret
4th Oakland
5th Wahoos
6th Denver
7th Thunder Black
8th Longhorn/VP
9th UT
10th Thunder Silver
11th Duke

Southside Honey Badgers Win First 12U Dare To Dream Event

The Southside Honey Badgers (Pearland, TX) won the first USAWP Southwest Zone 12U Dare To Dream tournament in Houston defeating North Texas Thunder Black (Southlake, TX) this past weekend.  A tournament recap can be found here: .

Game results can be found below:

Saturday, January 19th  
8:30 Southside-19 v. Rockwall-8
9:20 Thunder Black-17 v. Viper Pigeons-2
10:10 Pegasus-14 v. Thunder Silver-25
11:00 Longhorn-14 v. Rockwall-12
11:50 Zilla-18 v. Viper Pigeons-11
12:40 Boerne-25 v. Thunder Silver-5
1:30 Southside-19 v. Longhorn-13
2:20 Thunder Black-17 v. Zilla-2
3:10 Pegasus-6 v. Boerne-21
4:00 All Athletes Welcome – 10U Exhibition Game
4:50 3rd A-Rockwall-12 v. 3rd B-Viper Pigeon-14
5:40 2nd A-Longhorn-13 v. 2nd B-Zilla-14
6:30 1stA-Southside-11 v. 1st B-Thunder Black-10

Sunday, January 20th
7:30 3rdA-Rockwall-16 v. 3rd C-Pegasus-8
8:20 2nd A-Longhorn-14 v. 2nd C-Thunder Silver-16
9:10 1stA-Southside-19 v. 1st C-Boerne-15
10:00 3rd B-Viper Pigeon-8 v. 3rd C-Pegasus-7
10:50 2nd B-Zilla-21 v. 2nd C-Thunder Silver-13
11:40 1st B-Thunder Black-15 v. 1st C-Boerne-9
*12:30 Viper Pigeon-10 v. Rockwall-14 (7th Place)
*1:30 Thunder Silver-19 v. Longhorn-11 (5th Place)
*2:30 Zilla-11 v. Boerne-27 (3rd Place)
*3:30 Southside-15 v. Thunder Black-11 (1st Place)