Club List

Clubs listed in BOLD are USA Water Polo registered for 2015. Last updated 12/1/2015. This list is unofficial, the official list can be found from USA Water Polo at:


Arkansas Clubs
None Currently
Louisiana Clubs
Bayou (#1588) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Frank Shepard, PO Box 1519, Houma, LA, 70361, 985-851-7665
Oklahoma Clubs
None Currently
Texas Clubs
Alamo Masters Water Polo Club (#17918) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Susan Ingraham, 302 Happy Trail, San Antonio, Texas, 78231, 210-493-0388

Austin Water Polo Club (#289)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Robert Albach, 1401 Mohle, Austin, Texas, 78703, 512-476-0390


Central Texas Water Polo Club (#23352)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:James Smith, 4506 Balcones Dr., Austin, Texas, 78731, 512-994-0085


Cypress Fairbanks WPC (#17964) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Jeff Chandler, 14942 Spring Lake Dr., Houston, Texas, 77070, 832-482-7271


Dallas Water Polo Club (#384) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:George Fenton, 4722 S. Lindhurst Ave., Dallas, Texas, 75229, 214-208-0210


Hola! (#18851) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Stephen Mcdonald, 2111 Welch Street B303, Houston, TX, 77019, 832-641-2386


HOPS (#66) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:HOPS, 3218 Creekstone, Sugar Land, Texas, 77479, 713-818-5823


Jesuit Water Polo (#17973) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Kevin Kehoe, 8900 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, Texas, 77036, 713-490-8210


Longhorn Aquatics (#20672) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Ben Andrew, 1900 Robert Dedman Drive, Austin, Texas, 78712, 512-471-7433


North Houston Water Polo Club (#18306) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Daniel Pollina, 170 N. Hazelcrest Circle, The Woodlands, TX, 77382,


North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club (#21327) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Joe Linehan, 540 Silicone Dr #102, Southlake, TX, 75092, 214-616-0822


Rockwall Water Polo Club (#20862)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Deanna Rodriquez, 1431 Brittany Way, Rockwall, Texas, 75087, 972-722-6918


San Antonio Water Polo Club (#862)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Jim Yates, 1210 Brook Bluff, San Antonio, Texas, 78248, 210-349-2977


St. Mark’s Water Polo Club (#1489)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Kristin Simenc, 3630 Knight Street, Dallas, Texas, 75219, 214-549-7469


Team of Texas (TOTEX) (#21975) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Arseni Grokhovski, 5813 Trailridge Dr., Austin, TX, 78731, 210-219-6973


Texas Wildcat Water Polo Club (#18955) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Anne Woolweaver, PO Box 845, Kemah, TX, 77565, 832-689-8933


West Houston Water Polo Club (#18461) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp College:No
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Contact:Henry Thomas, PO Box 1730, Bellaire, TX, 77402, 281-796-3032