USAWP National Junior Olympics

The USAWP National Junior Olympics start this weekend in San Jose, CA with Session 1 on July 21-24 (boys) and Session 2 on July 26-29 (girls).  Click here for detailed information and links to schedules, results and live streaming:

Several Southwest Zone clubs are participating covering both sessions of the event.  Check back here for results as the tournament progresses.

  • 18U Boys Championship – Viper Pigeons A, Houston Storm, Thunder WPC
  • 18U Boys Classic – Southside Badgers, CFWPC, Longhorn Aquatics
  • 18U Boys Invite – Viper Pigeons B
  • 16U Boys Championship – Thunder WPC A, Trident WPC
  • 16U Boys Classic – Viper Pigeons, Houston Storm
  • 16U Boys Invite – Boerne WPC, Thunder WPC B
  • 14U Boys Championship – Trident WPC, Thunder WPC
  • 14U Boys Classic – Southside Badgers, Zilla WPC, Boerne WPC
  • 12U Boys Championship – Southside Badgers, Trident WPC
  • 12U Boys Classic – Thunder WPC, Longhorn Aquatics
  • 18U Girls Championship – Thunder WPC A, Viper Pigeons A, CFWPC
  • 18U Girls Classic -  Southside Badgers, Thunder WPC B, Longhorn Aquatics
  • 16U Girls Championship - Viper Pigeons A, Thunder WPC
  • 16U Girls Classic – Viper Pigeons B, CFWPC, Southside Badgers
  • 14U Girls Championship – Thunder WPC
  • 12U Girls Championship – Thunder WPC
  • 10U Mixed Championship – Viper Pigeons

Southwest Zone JO Qualification Results

Results from the SW Zone JO Qualifications held this past weekend in Pearland, TX:

18U Boys
1. Viper Pigeons Green
2. Storm
3. Thunder Black
4. Southside
6. Longhorn
7. Viper Pigeons Black

16U Girls
1. Viper Pigeons Green
2. Thunder Black
4. Southside
5. Viper Pigeons Black

18U Girls
1. Thunder Black
2. Viper Pigeons Green
4. Southside
5. Thunder Silver
5. Longhorn

14U Boys
1. Trident
2. Thunder Black
3. Southside
4. Zilla
5. Boerne

16U Boys
1. Thunder Black
2. Trident
3. Viper Pigeons Green
4. Storm
5. Boerne
6. Thunder Silver
*7. Longhorn
*9. Southside
*9. Viper Pigeons Black

12U Boys
1. Southside
2. Trident
3. Thunder Black
4. Longhorn


Friday, June 8th:  Pool #1 – Diving Boards9:10 Trident-8 v. Thunder Black-6 (12UB)10:00 Trident-20 v. Zilla-8 (14UB)10:50 Thunder Black-16 v. Longhorn-3 (16UB)

11:40 VP Green-14 v. Boerne-3 (16UB)

12:30 Trident-17 v. Boerne-4 (14UB)

1:20 VP Green-15 v. Thunder Silver-2 (18UG)

2:10 Thunder Black-15 v. VP Black-0 (16UB)

3:00 Trident-4 v. Southside-9 (12UB)

3:50 Thunder Black-15 v. Zilla-2 (14UB)

4:40 VP Green-17 v. Thunder Silver-3 (16UB)

5:30 Storm-16 v. Longhorn-9 (16UB)

6:20 Trident-11 v. Longhorn-5 (12UB)

7:10 Southside-7 v. Thunder Silver-9 (16UB)

8:00 VP Green-9 v. Southside-8 (18UG)

Saturday, June 9th:  Pool #1 – Diving Boards

7:30 Thunder Black-15 v. CFWPC-2 (16UB)

8:20 VP Green-17 v. Southside-2 (16UB)

9:10 Trident-13 v. Thunder Black-11 (14UB)

10:00 Southside-12 v. Trident-2 (12UB – 1st/2nd)

10:50 Storm-21 v. VP Black-0 (16UB)

11:40 CFWPC-2 v. Longhorn-11 (16UB)

12:30 Trident-20 v. Southside-7 (14UB)

1:20 Trident-12 v. Thunder Silver-1 (16UB)

2:10 Southside-9 v. Boerne-10 (16UB)

3:00 VP Green-13 v. Longhorn-6 (18UB)

3:50 Thunder Black-12 v. VP Black-7 (18UB)

4:40 Southside-10 v. CFWPC-7 (18UB)

5:30 Thunder Black-28 v. Storm-6 (16UB)

6:20 Storm-20 v. Longhorn-13 (18UB)

7:10 VP Black-6 v. CFWPC-9 (18UB, Y Bracket 3rd/4th)

8:00 Thun Black-15 v. Southside-8 (18UB, Y Bracket 1st/2nd)

8:50 VP Green-11 v. Storm-9 (18UB)

Sunday, June 10th:  Pool #1 – Diving Boards

7:30 3rd A-Longhorn-5 v. 4th B-Thun Silver-6 (16UB, Los 7th)

8:20 3rd B-Boerne-6 v. 4th A-CFWPC-1 (16UB, Los 7th)

9:10 3rd X-Longhorn-8 v. 3rd Y-CFWPC-11 (18UB, 5-7 RR)

10:00 1st B-Trident-17 v. 2nd A-Storm-5 (16UB, Semi)

10:50 1st A-Thun Black-13 v. 2nd B-VP Green-5 (16UB, Semi)

11:40 Thunder Silver-7.3 v. Boerne-7.4 (16UB – 5th/6th)

12:30 1st X-VP Green-13 v. 2nd Y-Southside-5 (18UB, Semi)

1:20 1st Y-Thun Black-13.3 v. 2nd X-Storm-13.4 (18UB, Semi)

2:10 Storm-6 v. VP Green-18 (16UB – 3rd/4th)

3:00 Trident-4 v. Thunder Black-13 (16UB – 1st/2nd)

3:50 VP Green-9.5 v. Storm-9.4 (18UB – 1st/2nd)

Friday, June 8th:  Pool #2 – Entrance9:10 Southside-18 v. Longhorn-5 (12UB)10:00 Southside-10 v. Thunder Black-11 (14UB)10:50 Storm-21 v. CFWPC-4 (16UB)

11:40 Trident-12 v. Southside-4 (16UB)

12:30 Southside-14 v. Zilla-10 (14UB)

1:20 Thunder Black-13 v. Southside-2 (18UG)

2:10 CFWPC-12 v. Longhorn-3 (18UG)

3:00 Thunder Black-10 v. Longhorn-7 (12UB)

3:50 Southside-15 v. Boerne-10 (14UB)

4:40 CFWPC-5 v. VP Black-3 (16UB)

5:30 Trident-9 v. Boerne-5 (16UB)

6:20 Southside-10.3 v. Thunder Black-10.1 (12UB)

7:10 CFWPC-10 v. Thunder Silver-6 (18UG)

8:00 Thunder Black-15 v. Longhorn-4 (18UG)

Saturday, June 9th:  Pool #2 – Entrance

7:30 Longhorn-15 v. VP Black-4 (16UB)

8:20 Boerne-8 v. Thunder Silver-4 (16UB)

9:10 Zilla-15 v. Boerne-11 (14UB)

10:00 Thunder Black-14 v. Longhorn-7 (12UB – 3rd/4th)

10:50 Southside-11 v. Longhorn-2 (18UG)

11:40 VP Green-8 v. CFWPC-5 (18UG)

12:30 Thunder Black-14 v. Boerne-8 (14UB)

1:20 Thunder Black-10 v. Thunder Silver-2 (18UG)

2:10 Thunder Black-20 v. VP Black-2 (16UG)

3:00 VP Green-11 v. CFWPC-2 (16UG)

3:50 Southside-9 v. Thunder Silver-8 (18UG)

4:40 Thunder Black-13 v. Southside-9 (16UG)

5:30 VP Green-7 v. Trident-9 (16UB)

6:20 VP Green-15 v. Longhorn-3 (18UG)

7:10 Thunder Black-6 v. CFWPC-7 (18UG)

8:00 VP Green-14 v. Southside-1 (16UG)

8:50 CFWPC-11 v. VP Black-0 (16UG)

Sunday, June 10th:  Pool #2 – Entrance

7:30 VP Green-5 v. VP Black-0 (16UG)

8:20 Longhorn-9 v. Thunder Silver-16 (18UG)

9:10 Southside-7 v. VP Black-0 (16UG

10:00 VP Green-11 v. Thunder Black-5 (16UG)

10:50 Thunder Black-9 v. VP Green-7 (18UG)

11:40 3rd X-Longhorn-21 v. 4th VP Black-10 (18UB, 5-7 RR)

12:30 Thunder Black-11 v. CFWPC-3 (16UG)

1:20 CFWPC-7.5 v. Southside-7.4 (18UG)

2:10 3rd Y-CFWPC-18 v. 4th VP Black-5 (18UB, 5-7 RR)

3:00 CFWPC-8 v. Southside-5 (16UG)

3:50 Southside-6 v. Thunder Black-10 (18UB – 3rd/4th)

Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier

Below is the schedule for the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier on June 8-10th at the Pearland ISD Natatorium.

Friday, June 8th: Pool #1 – Diving Boards
8:40 Pool Open for Warm-up
9:10 Trident v. Thunder Black (12UB) 10:00 Trident v. Zilla (14UB)
10:50 Thunder Black v. Longhorn (16UB) 11:40 VP Green v. Boerne (16UB)
12:30 Trident v. Boerne (14UB)
1:20 VP Green v. Thunder Silver (18UG) 2:10 Thunder Black v. VP Black (16UB) 3:00 Trident v.
Southside (12UB)
3:50 Thunder Black v. Zilla (14UB) 4:40 Storm v. Longhorn (16UB)
5:30 VP Green v. Thunder Silver (16UB) 6:20 Trident v. Longhorn (12UB)
7:10 Trident v. Boerne (16UB)
8:00 Southside v. Thunder Silver (16UB)

Friday, June 8th: Pool #2 – Entrance
8:40 Pool Open for Warm-up
9:10 Southside v. Longhorn (12UB)
10:00 Southside v. Thunder Black (14UB) 10:50 Storm v. CFWPC (16UB)
11:40 Trident v. Southside (16UB) 12:30 Southside v. Zilla (14UB)
1:20 Thunder Black v. Southside (18UG) 2:10 CFWPC v. Longhorn (18UG)
3:00 Thunder Black v. Longhorn (12UB) 3:50 Southside v. Boerne (14UB)
4:40 CFWPC v. VP Black (16UB)
5:30 CFWPC v. Thunder Silver (18UG) 6:20 Southside v. Thunder Black (12UB) 7:10 VP Green v.
Southside (18UG) 8:00 Thunder Black v. Longhorn (18UG)

Saturday, June 9th: Pool #1 – Diving Boards
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
7:30 Thunder Black v. CFWPC (16UB) 8:20 VP Green v. Southside (16UB) 9:10 Trident v. Thunder Black
10:00 1st Seed v. 2nd Seed (12UB – 1st/2nd) 10:50 Storm v. VP Black (16UB)
11:40 CFWPC v. Longhorn (16UB) 12:30 Trident v. Southside (14UB) 1:20 Trident v. Thunder Silver
(16UB) 2:10 Southside v. Boerne (16UB)
3:00 VP Green v. Longhorn (18UB) 3:50 Thunder Black v. VP Black (18UB) 4:40 Southside v. CFWPC
5:30 Thunder Black v. Storm (16UB) 6:20 Storm v. Longhorn (18UB)
7:10 Los 3:50 P#1 v. Los 4:40 P#1 (18UB)
8:00 Win 3:50 P#1 v. Win 4:40 P#1 (18UB)
8:50 VP Green v. Storm (18UB)

Saturday, June 9th: Pool #2 – Entrance
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
7:30 Longhorn v. VP Black (16UB) 8:20 Boerne v. Thunder Silver (16UB) 9:10 Zilla v. Boerne
10:00 3rd Seed v. 4th Seed (12UB – 3rd/4th) 10:50 Southside v. Longhorn (18UG) 11:40 VP Green v.
12:30 Thunder Black v. Boerne (14UB)
1:20 Thunder Black v. Thunder Silver (18UG) 2:10 Thunder Black v. VP Black (16UG)
3:00 VP Green v. CFWPC (16UG)
3:50 Southside v. Thunder Silver (18UG) 4:40 Thunder Black v. Southside (16UG) 5:30 VP Green v.
Trident (16UB)
6:20 VP Green v. Longhorn ((18UG) 7:10 Thunder Black v. CFWPC (18UG) 8:00 VP Green v. VP Black
(16UG) 8:50 CFWPC v. Southside (16UG)

Sunday, June 10th: Pool #1 – Diving Boards
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
7:30 3rd A v. 4th B (16UB, Los is 7th) 8:20 1st A v. 2nd B (16UB, Semi Final) 9:10 3rd X v. 3rd Y
(18UB, 5-7 RR)
10:00 1st X v. 2nd Y (18UB, Semi Final) 10:50 1st Y v. 2nd X (18UB, Semi Final) 11:40 3rd X v. 4th
Y (18UB, 5-7 RR)
12:30 Win 7:30 P#1 v. Win 7:30 P#2 (16UB – 5th/6th)
1:20 Los 10:00 P#1 v. Los 10:50 P#1 (18UB – 3rd/4th)
2:10 3rd Y v. 4th Y (18UB, 5-7 RR)
3:00 Win 8:20 P#1 v. Win 8:20 P#2 (16UB – 1st/2nd)
3:50 Win 10:00 P#1 v. Win 10:50 P#1 (18UB – 1st/2nd)

Sunday, June 10th: Pool #2 – Entrance
7:00 Pool Open for Warm-up
7:30 3rd B v. 4th B (16UB, Los is 7th) 8:20 1st B v. 2nd A (16UB, Semi Final) 9:10 Longhorn v.
Thunder Silver (18UG) 10:00 Southside v. VP Black (16UG) 10:50 CFWPC v. Southside (18UG) 11:40
Thunder Black v. CFWPC (16UG)
12:30 Thunder Black v. VP Green (18UG) 1:20 VP Green v. Southside (16UG)
2:10 CFWPC v. VP Black (16UG)
0 P#1 v. Los 8:20 P#2 (16UB – rd

USAWP Texas Development: Announcements and Upcoming SWZ Tournaments

The Welcome to Texas Shootout on May 26-27 at the UT Swim Center is the first of five weekend tournaments this upcoming summer in the Southwest Zone.  As everyone transitions to the summer season from the busy high school/age group club season, clubs need to make sure their athletes are registered with USA Water Polo not only for insurance purposes but also to make sure the number of NJO allocated slots for the SWZ increases each year (see more below about allocations and USAWP membership below).  Additionally, all clubs should be working on their team entries and rosters for the Southwest Zone NJO’s Qualifier/National NJO’s on June 8-10.  A reminder email on will be sent to everyone later this week regarding these events.

USAWP Texas Development Announcements:  List of upcoming SWZ Weekend Tournaments is at the bottom of the email.

North Texas – Harvard Water Polo Camp, May 19-20:  Ted Minnis, the Harvard University Head Coach for Men’s & Women’s Water Polo Head Coach, will be coming to North Texas on May 19-20 for a two day water polo camp at the Keller ISD Natatorium.  The camp starts on Saturday at 1:00 pm and ends on Sunday around 2:00 pm (athletes/parents can drive from out of town on Saturday morning and have plenty of time to drive home after the camp on Sunday).  Athletes in 7th-12th Grade are eligible to sign-up for the camp.  The cost of the camp is $175 per athlete, includes all water sessions and a College Meeting on Sunday (Discount Coed for $25 off is “Harvard25”… code only good through this Wednesday, May 16th).  Online Registration:

Southwest Zone NJO Qual’s/National NJO’s:  On April 5th, specific information was sent to all clubs/club admins regarding the Southwest Zone NJO Quals/National NJO’s.  The Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier will be in Pearland on June 8-10.  I will be sending out a reminder email later this week as the team entry deadline for BOTH the NJO Qualifier and the National NJO’s is Thursday, May 24th (Roster Deadline is also Thursday, May 24th).  If you have specific questions, please email

USA Water Polo Memberships:   It is very important that clubs/teams make sure their athletes are USAWP registered for weekend tournaments/club practices not only for insurance purposes but also to help make sure the number of NJO allocated slots for the SWZ increases each year (see allocations process outlined below).   Additionally for sanctioned USA Water Polo events, hosts need to make sure participating teams enter rosters thru the USAWP online roster verification system.  Lastly, please go to the following website to view the other USAWP Membership Benefits,

NJO Allocations:  You can view the USAWP National Junior Olympics (NJO) Preliminary Allocations at  Many coaches/club admins have asked about how USAWP determines the allocations for NJO’s each year.  The number of NJO slots the Southwest Zone (SWZ) is allocated each year is dependent on the SWZ memberships of the previous year.  Each USAWP Zone is guaranteed at least 1-2 slots for each age group/gender.  The remaining slots are formulated by a percentage of membership specific for each age group/gender in each Zone.  Therefore, the Zones with a larger membership will get more allocated slots then the Zones with a smaller membership.

Combination Teams/Recruiting Players:  At the USAWP Texas Development Summit in December and throughout the spring season there has lots of discussion on recruiting players and combining teams for events.  The consensus has been that club coaches should NOT be contacting individual athletes/parents from other clubs about participating in tournaments/leagues without first reaching out to and discussing the issue with the athlete’s club coach.  As for combining teams, I believe all clubs are working toward having their own teams in the various age groups/genders.  Of course, there may be a need to combine teams for an event/here there.  I suggest reaching out to those clubs in your Region area first and then reaching out to clubs in other Region areas second.  We all want to see athletes play, compete, and gain as much experience as possible.

Upcoming SWZ Weekend Tournaments:  Below is the listing of the upcoming SWZ Weekend Tournaments this summer.  All clubs should attempt to play in and support the “weekend tournaments” in North Texas, Houston, Austin/SA.  The events listed below are listed online at Southwest Zone Calendar (click here).  Please contact each tournament host directly for more specific information on their event.  Tournament hosts, please sanction your weekend tournaments/events with USA Water Polo and arrange referees through TAWPO.

  • Welcome to Texas Shootout:  May 26-27 at the UT Swim Center (Austin)
    • Club Host:  Viper Pigeons and USA Water Polo
    • Age Groups:  18U Boys, 18U/16U Girls, 16U Boys, 14U Boys, 12U Boys
    • Tournament Contact:  Katie Wieber,
  • Southwest Zone NJO’s Qualifier:  June 8-10 at the Pearland ISD Natatorium (South Houston)
    • Club Host:  Southside WPC and Southwest Zone
    • Age Groups:  18U Boys, 18U Girls, 16U Boys, 16U Girls, 14U Boys, 14U Girls, 12U Boys, 12U Girls
    • Tournament Contact:  Joe Linehan,
  • Dallas Summer Classic:  June 23-24 at the Southlake-Carroll ISD Aquatic Center (North Texas)
    • Club Host:  Thunder Water Polo
    • Age Groups:  18U Boys, 18U Girls, 16U Boys, 16U Girls, 14U Boys, 14U Girls, 12U Boys, 12U Girls
    • Tournament Contact:  Chris Cullen,
  • T-Shot Invitational:  June 30-July 1 at the UT Swim Center (Austin)
    • Club Host:  Longhorn Aquatics
    • Age Groups:  Men’s Open, Women’s Open
    • Tournament Contact:  Tom Andrews,
  • Southside Suns Out/Guns Out Tournament:  July 7-8 at the Pearland ISD Natatorium (South Houston)
    • Club Host:  Southside Water Polo Club
    • Age Groups:  18U Boys, 18U Girls, 16U Boys, 16U Girls, 14U Boys, 14U Girls, 12U Boys, 12U Girls
    • Tournament Contact:  Taylor Barnett,

Texas High School State Champs Results

The Texas High School State Champs were held this past weekend in Austin, TX with 16 boys teams and 16 girls teams qualified from four regions from across the state.  Scores and final standings are below.  The Flower Mound boys defeated Denton Guyer 8-6 for their first ever state title and the Denton Guyer girls defeated Southlake Carroll 11-7 to also earn their first state title.

The girls state MVP was Katherine Cullen (Denton Guyer) and Coach award went to Chris Cullen (Denton Guyer).  On the boys side, the state MVP was Cameron Cullen (Denton Guyer) and the Coach award went to Jeff Otten (Houston Friendswood).

The full list of award winners can be found here:

Game 1 8:30 AM girls Cedar Ridge 4 Flower Mound 16
Game 2 8:30 AM girls Clear Brook 5 Jersey Village 17
Game 3 9:20 AM girls Foster 5 Memorial 6
Game 4 9:20 AM girls Anderson 1 Southlake Carroll 15
Game 5 10:10 AM boys Waco Midway 1 St. Mark’s 29
Game 6 10:10 AM boys Clear Creek 2 Jersey Village 11
Game 7 11:00 AM boys Foster 11 Memorial 2
Game 8 11:00 AM boys Round Rock 4 Flower Mound 16
Game 9 11:50 AM girls Round Rock 7 Marcus 12
Game 10 11:50 AM girls Clear Creek 8 Langham Creek 10
Game 11 12:40 PM girls Brazoswood 1 St. Agnes 5
Game 12 12:40 PM girls Westwood 2 Denton Guyer 21
Game 13 1:30 PM boys Anderson 1 Southlake Carroll 17
Game 14 1:30 PM boys Friendswood 11 Westside 7
Game 15 5:00 PM boys Brazoswood 2 Strake Jesuit 7
Game 16 5:00 PM boys Cedar Park 0 Denton Guyer 15
Game 17 5:50 PM girls Flower Mound 6 Jersey Village 8
Game 18 5:50 PM girls Memorial 4 Southlake Carroll 7
Game 19 6:40 PM girls Marcus 3 Langham Creek 15
Game 20 6:40 PM girls St. Agnes 5 Denton Guyer 9
Game 21 7:30 PM boys St. Mark’s 12 Jersey Village 6
Game 22 7:30 PM boys Foster 6 Flower Mound 8
Game 23 8:20 PM boys Southlake Carroll 7 Friendswood 11
Game 24 8:20 PM boys Strake Jesuit 8 Denton Guyer 14


Game 25 9:30 AM girls Cedar Ridge 3 Clear Brook 12
Game 26 9:30 AM girls Foster 16 Anderson 1
Game 27 10:20 AM girls Round Rock 6 Clear Creek 12
Game 28 10:20 AM girls Brazoswood 18 Westwood 0
Game 29 11:10 AM boys Waco Midway 4 Clear Creek 7
Game 30 11:10 AM boys Memorial 14 Round Rock 3
Game 31 12:00 PM boys Anderson 2 Westside 15
Game 32 12:00 PM boys Brazoswood 18 Cedar Park 2
Game 33 12:50 PM girls Jersey Village 5 Southlake Carroll 6
Game 34 12:50 PM girls Langham Creek 9 Denton Guyer 13
Game 35 1:40 PM boys St. Mark’s 6 Flower Mound 8
Game 36 1:40 PM boys Friendswood 9 Denton Guyer 11
Game 37 2:30 PM girls Flower Mound 3 Memorial 7
Game 38 2:30 PM girls Marcus 5 St. Agnes 10
Game 39 3:20 PM boys Jersey Village 9 Foster 10
Game 40 3:20 PM boys Southlake Carroll 4 Strake Jesuit 8
Game 41 4:15 PM girls Jersey Village  11 Langham Creek  7
Game 42 5:15 PM boys St. Mark’s  11 Friendswood  5
Game 43 6:15 PM girls Southlake Carroll  7 Denton Guyer  11
Game 44 7:15 PM boys Flower Mound  8 Denton Guyer  6


Boys Final Standings:
1. Flower Mound
2. Denton Guyer
3. Dallas St. Marks
4. Houston Friendswood
5. (tie) Houston Strake Jesuit and Rosenburg Foster
7.(tie) Southlake Carroll and Houston Jersey Village
9.(tie) Houston Clear Creek, Houston Memorial, Houston Westside,  Houston Brazoswood
13. (tie) Waco Midway, Round Rock, Austin Anderson, Cedar Park

Girls Final Standings:
1. Denton Guyer
2. Southlake Carroll
3. Houston Jersey Village
4. Houston Langham Creek
5. (tie) Houston St. Agnes and Houston Memorial
7.(tie) Flower Mound and Flower Mound Marcus
9.(tie) Houston Clear Creek, Houston Clear Brook, Rosenburg Foster, Houston Brazoswood
13. (tie) Austin Westwood, Round Rock, Austin Anderson, Cedar Ridge

2018 Texas High School Regionals Results

The below teams all qualified for the Texas High School State Water Polo Championship being held May 4-5, 2018 in Austin, TX.  16 boys teams and 16 girls teams qualified from four regions.  The defending champions are Houston Cypress Creek (girls) and Dallas St. Marks (boys).

East Region Boys (Houston area):
1. Jersey Village
2. Westside
3. Strake Jesuit
4. Memorial
MVP: Aaron Jacobs (Jersey Village)
Coach of Year: Jason Mauss (Memorial)

East Region Girls (Houston area):
1. Jersey Village
2. Langham Creek
3. St. Agnes Academy
4. Memorial
MVP: Katie Gill (Jersey Village)
Coach of Year: Stuart Webb (Jersey Village)

North Region Boys (North Texas / DFW):
1. Denton Guyer
2. Flower Mound
3. St. Marks
4. Southlake Carroll
MVP: Cameron Cullen (Guyer)
Coach of Year: Chris Cullen (Guyer)

North Region Girls (North Texas / DFW):
1. Denton Guyer
2. Southlake Carroll
3. Flower Mound
4. Flower Mound Marcus
MVP: Katherine Cullen (Guyer)
Coach of Year: Chris Cullen (Guyer)

South Region Boys (Houston area):
1. Rosenburg Foster
2. Brazoswood
3. Friendswood
4. Clear Creek
MVP: Will Koelzer (Foster)
Coach of Year: Scott Slay (Foster)

South Region Girls (Houston area):
1. Rosenburg Foster
2. Brazoswood
3. Clear Creek
4. Clear Brook
MVP: Jordan Castillo (Clear Creek)
Coaches of Year: Ty Halford (Clear Creek)

West Region Boys (Austin/San Antonio area):
1. Austin Anderson
2. Waco Midway
3. Round Rock
4. Cedar Park
Regional MVP:  Riley Boyd (Anderson)
Coach of Year: Quinn Curl (Anderson)

West Region Girls (Austin/San Antonio area):
1. Round Rock
2. Cedar Ridge
3. Austin Anderson
4. Austin Westwood
Regional MVP:  Kendall Katusak (Round Rock)
Coach of Year: James Smith (Round Rock)

TAGS Results

Results from TAGS held this past weekend in Austin:

Saturday, April 28th:  Left Pool (Pool #1)
11:30 Pegasus-24 v. Longhorn-7 (14U)
12:20 Southside-11 v. Thunder Silver-7 (14U)
1:10 Trident-22 v. Longhorn-5 (12U)
2:00 Southside-17 v. Thunder Silver-4 (12U)
2:50 Pegasus-14 v. Thunder Silver-8 (14U)
3:40 Southside-20 v. Longhorn-12 (14U)
4:30 Longhorn-3 v. Thunder Black-13 (14UG)
5:20 Trident-18 v. Thunder Silver-5 (12U)
6:10 Southside-16 v. Longhorn-3 (12U)
7:00 Thunder Silver-11 v. Longhorn-8 (14U)
7:50 Pegasus-10 v. Southside-11 (14U)
11:30 St Marks-18 v. Houston Storm-1 (14U)
12:20 Zilla-Boerne-12 v. Thunder Black-10 (14U)
1:10 Thunder Black-16 v. Pegasus-2 (12U)
2:00 Zilla-Boerne-14 v. Austin-10 (12U)
2:50 St Marks-22 v. Thunder Black-6 (14U)
3:40 Zilla-Boerne-12 v. Houston Storm-6 (14U)
5:20 Thunder Black-18 v. Austin-2 (12U)
6:10 Zilla-Boerne-20 v. Pegasus-4 (12U)
7:00 Thunder Black-10 v. Houston Storm-9 (14U)
7:50 St Marks-15.2 v. Zilla-Boerne-15.4 (14U)

Sunday, April 29th:  Left Pool (Pool #1)
8:00 Longhorn-6 v. Thunder Silver-14 (12U)
8:50 Trident-18 v. Southside-9 (12U)
9:40 Southside-13 v. St Marks-7 (14U-Semi)
10:30 Thun Silver-9 v. Thun Black-5 (14U-5th/6th)
11:20 Trident-15 v. Zilla-Boerne-4 (12U-Semi)
12:10 Thunder Silver-15 v. Pegasus-10 (12U-5th/6th)
1:00 Longhorn-1 v. Thunder Black-13 (14UG-1st/2nd)
1:50 Southside-7 v. Pegasus-9 (14U-1st/2nd)
2:40 Trident-12 v. Thunder Black-4 (12U-1st/2nd)
8:00 Pegasus-13 v. Austin-10 (12U)
8:50 Thunder Black-14 v. Zilla-Boerne-13 (12U)
9:40 Zilla-Boerne-7 v. Pegasus-17 (14U-Semi)
10:30 Longhorn-19 v. Houston Storm-6 (14U-7th/8th)
11:20 Thunder Black-12 v. Southside-6 (12U-Semi)
12:10 Longhorn-12 v. Austin-9 (12U-7th/8th)
1:50 St Marks-15 v. Zilla-Boerne-9 (14U-3rd/4th)
2:40 Zilla-Boerne-15 v. Southside-16 (12U-3rd/4th)

8th Grade & Younger Coed
1. Pegasus
2. Southside
3. St Marks
4. Zilla-Boerne
5. Thunder Silver
6. Thunder Black
7. Longhorn
8. Houston Storm

8th Grade & Younger Girls
1. Thunder Black
2. Longhorn

6th Grade & Younger Coed
1. Trident
2. Thunder Black
3. Southside
4. Zilla-Boerne
5. Thunder Silver
6. Pegasus
7. Longhorn
8. Austin

8th Grade 1st Place – Pegasus

8th Grade 2nd Place – Southside

8th Grade Girls 1st Place – Thunder

8th Grade Girls 2nd Place – Longhorn Aquatics

6th Grade 1st Place – Trident

6th Grade 2nd Place – Thunder


Dutton Tournament Results

Results from this weekend’s Dutton Memorial tournament in Keller, TX:

Saturday, April 14th
12:00 HOPS-14 v. 12th Man Polo-5 (A Bracket – RR)
12:50 TOTEX-18 v. UTA-7 (B Bracket – Semi)
1:40 Dallas-12 v. Longhorn-4 (B Bracket – Semi)
2:30 St Marks-7 v 12th Man Polo-6 (A Bracket – RR)
4:10 UTA-13 v. Longhorn-12 (B Bracket – 3rd/4th)
5:00 St Marks-7 v. HOPS-6 (A Bracket – RR)
5:50 TOTEX-6 v. Dallas-4 (B Bracket – 1st/2nd)

Sunday, April 15th
7:30 12th Man Polo-16 v. UTA-2 (5th-7th RR)
8:20 St Marks-6 v. Dallas-10 (Semi #1)
9:10 TOTEX-7 v. HOPS-5 (Semi #2)
10:00 12th Man Polo-14 v. Longhorn-7 (5th-7th RR)
11:40 St Marks-6 v. HOPS-12 (3rd/4th Place)
12:30 UTA-10 v. Longhorn-13 (5th-7th RR)
1:20 Dallas-6 v. TOTEX-12 (1st/2nd Place)

Final Standings:

  1. TOTEX (Longhorn Aquatics)
  2. Dallas (Dallas WPC)
  3. HOPS (HOPS)
  4. St Marks (Trident)
  5. 12th Man Polo (San Antonio WPC)
  6. Longhorn (Longhorn Aquatics)
  7. UT-Arlington (Dallas WPC)


Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier and National Junior Olympics Information – 2018

The Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier tournament will be June 8-10, 2018 at the Pearland ISD Natatorium in the South Houston (All Divisions).  The Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier will be the qualification/seeding tournament for the USA Water Polo National Junior Olympics for the Southwest Zone.  Only teams attempting to qualify for NJO’s will be allowed to enter the tournament.  On the tournament information, I have included a breakdown of the entry process for teams from the Southwest Zone which intend to enter the NJO’s.  Please read the two page document carefully regarding tournament eligibility requirements, deadlines, age criteria, club affiliations, age verification, etc.  Some of the highlights for the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier and National Junior Olympics are below.  

USA Water Polo NJO’s Website:

NJO’s Allocated Spots/Seeding: 

Location:  Pearland ISD Natatorium, 4141 Bailey Road, Pearland, TX 77584.  There will be two all deep courses both 25 yards across the pool with warm-up space between the two courses. 

Entry Fee:  The entry fee will be $450 per team.  All teams will play 4-5 games for the tournament.   Make checks payable to Southwest Water Polo.  Please send entry fee payments to Southwest Water Polo (for the Southwest Zone NJO Quals ONLY), c/o Joe Linehan, 2932 Chris Lane, Grapevine, TX 76051.  Payments will not be accepted online for the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier (mailed or brought to the tournament).  

Athlete Eligibility:  An athlete’s age for the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier and NJO’s is determined by their age on August 1st for both boys & girls (*see exception below).  Athletes MUST be Gold Members of USA Water Polo in order to be rostered for the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier and the National Junior Olympics.  Athletes also must complete the Age Verification online at the USA Water Polo website in order to be eligible to compete in either event.  *The one exception to this rule will be for those graduating senior athletes who turn 19 before August 1st.  These athletes can play in the 18U Division as long as they graduate High School in May/June 2018 (must turn in transcript to USA Water Polo and have them approve the exception).

Club Affiliation/Age Verification Deadline (NO EXCEPTIONS):  Club Affiliation (coach and athletes) and Age Verification (athletes) need to be completed by Monday, June 4th at 9:00 PM (PT).  This deadline is for both Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier and the National Junior Olympics.  All athletes competing in the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier must have the following requirements completed by June 4th at 9:00 PM (PT) – The Roster Lockdown Deadline:  Club Affiliation, Age Verification, and Current Gold Member.

Deadline for Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier Team Entries:  The deadline for the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier team entries is Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 9:00 PM (PT).  Teams will need to enter the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier at  Payments will not be accepted online for Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier (mailed or brought to the tournament). 

Deadline for NJO Team Entries:  The deadline for entry in National Junior Olympics for teams from the Southwest Zone is Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 9:00 PM (PT).  Clubs/teams will need to enter NJO’s when registering for the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier (will be prompted to do so after completing the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier).  This will include payment for the National Junior Olympics.  Your club/team must register for both events – JO Qualifier and NJO Championships – by the deadline listed as this tournament has two registrations.  An incomplete registration, i.e. missing an entry from either event, will disqualify your club/team from participating this year.

Rosters for Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier:  Rosters for Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier will be due Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 9:00 PM (PT).  Rosters for the Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier will only be accepted via the USA Water Polo roster verification system.  

Roster Lockdown for Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier:  There will be a roster “Roster Lockdown Deadline” on Monday, June 4, 2018 at 9:00 PM (PT).  Any roster changes made between May 24th and June 4th will incur a $100 late roster fee.  No roster changes will be made after June 4th, no exceptions.  Any ineligible athletes or coaches will automatically be removed from rosters on June 4th at 9:01 PM (PT).  

ID Checks/Photo ID’s:  The Referees will be doing ID Checks for coaches and athletes prior to each game of the tournament.  All athletes need to be GOLD members of USA Water Polo.  All coaches need to be registered with USA Water Polo and updated on their background check, 1st Aid/CPR, Safe Sport, etc.  We recommend that all athletes download a picture with their USA Water Polo account (process takes two minutes).  Team Coaches will need to supply a verified roster when doing their ID Checks (verified roster approved by tournament director).  Teams will need to line up prior to their game in number order.  All teams can print out team membership cards (click print membership cards at the bottom of each team’s roster).  Athletes can also have individual membership cards (this takes longer than printing out team membership cards).  

 Southwest Zone NJO Qualifier