Viper Pigeons OctPoloFest and Champions Cup Qualification

The West Houston Viper Pigeons are hosting the OctPoloFest tourament this weekend in Rosenberg, TX at the Lamar Consolidated ISD Natatorium for age group teams from 12U up to 18U.  In addition, three clubs will compete to qualify for the USA Water Polo Champions Cup to be held in November in North Texas.

Southwest Zone Champions Cup Qualifier Game Schedule (All games in Pool #1):
Date:  Saturday, October 3rd
Location:  Lamar Consolidated ISD Natatorium, 1020 Horace Mann, Rosenberg, TX
9:40 am:  Longhorn v. Viper Pigeons (Champions Cup RR)
12:10 pm:  St Marks v. Viper Pigeons (Champions Cup RR)
2:40 pm:  Longhorn v. St Marks (Champions Cup RR)
5:10 pm:  1st Seed v. 2nd Seed (Champions Cup Qualifier)

Armadillo Classic Results

Results from last weekend’s Armadillo Classic in Southlake, TX:

18U/16U Boys:
1. Thunder Black
2. VP Fighting Pickles
3. St Marks Blue
4. VP Hustling Owls
5. St Marks Gold
6. Thunder Silver
7. Thunder Orange
8. VP Hilltoppers
9. Thunder Yellow

18U/16U Girls:
1. Thunder Red
2. Thunder Blue
3. VP Prairie Fires
4. VP The Rock

14U/8th Grade:
1. Thunder Green
2. Thunder White
3. VP Rail Splitters
4. St Marks
5. VP Blue Raiders
6. Longhorn

12U/6th Grade:
1. St Marks
2. Viper Pigeons
3. Thunder
4. Longhorn

    Saturday, September 12th

Pool #1: Diving Boards
7:30 Pool Opens for Warm-up
8:20 St Marks Blue-9 v. Thunder Orange-5 (18U Boys)
9:10 Thunder Black-9 v. Thunder Yellow-8 (18U Boys)
10:00 VP FightingPickles-8 v. Thunder Silver-5 (18U Boys)
10:50 VP Hustlin’ Owls-10 v. Thunder Orange-4 (18U Boys)
11:40 VP Hilltoppers-5 v. Thunder Yellow-0 (18U Boys)
12:30 St Marks Gold-13 v. Thunder Silver-7 (18U Boys)
1:20 St Marks Blue -9 v. VP Hustlin’ Owls-5 (18U Boys)
2:10 Thunder Black-9 v. VP Hilltoppers-5 (18U Boys)
3:00 VP Fighting Pickles-9 v. St Marks Gold-8 (18U Boys)
3:50 VP The Rock-5 v. Thunder Red-12 (18U Girls)
4:40 St Marks Blue-4 v. Thu Black-15 (18U Boys, 1st-3rd RR)
5:30 VP Owsl-13 v. Thun Silver-6 (18U Boys, 4th-6th RR)
6:20 Thun Orange-5 v. Thun Yellow-0 (18U Boys, 7th-9th RR)
7:10 VP The Rock-2 v. Thunder Blue-13 (18U Girls)
Pool #2: Entrance/Locker Rooms
7:30 No Games – Swim Team Practice
8:20 No Games – Swim Team Practice
9:10 St Marks-8 v. Thunder Green-17 (14U)
10:00 Thunder White-12 v. VP Rail Splitters-10 (14U)
10:50 Viper Pigeons-10 v. Thunder-7 (12U)
11:40 St Marks-5 v. Longhorn-0 (12U)
12:30 VP Blue Raiders-12 v. Thunder Green-13 (14U)
1:20 Longhorn-0 v. VP Rail Splitters-5 (14U)
2:10 St Marks-15 v. Viper Pigeons-5 (12U)
3:00 Thunder-5 v. Longhorn-0 (12U)
3:50 VP Prairie Fires-6 v. Thunder Blue-9 (18U Girls)
4:40 St Marks-11 v. VP Blue Raiders-8 (14U)
5:30 Viper Pigeons-6 v. Thunder-8 (18U Girls Ex Game)
6:20 Thunder White-5 v. Longhorn-0 (14U)
7:10 VP Prairie Fires-9 v. Thunder Red-10 (18 Girls)3

    Sunday, September 13th

Pool #1: Diving Boards
7:00 Pool Opens for Warm-up
7:30 Thun Orange-14 v. VP Hilltoppers-5 (18UBoys, 7-9 RR)
8:20 VP Owls-12 v. St Marks Gold-7 (18U Boys, 4th-6th RR)
9:10 St Marks Blue-8 v. VP Pickels-11 (18U Boys, 1st-3rd RR)
10:00 VP The Rock-6 v. VP Prairie Fires-10 (18U Girls-3rd)
10:50 Thunder Red-12 v. Thunder Blue-9 (18U Girls-1st)
11:40 Thun Yellow-0 v. VP Hilltoppers-5 (18U Boys, 7-9 RR)
12:30 Thun Silver-8 v. St Marks Gold-11 (18U Boys, 4-6 RR)
1:20 Thunder Black-16 v. VP Pickles-7 (18U Boys, 1-3 RR)
2:10 Thunder Blue-9 v. VP The Rock-6 (18U Girls)
3:00 Thunder Blue-8 v. VP Prairie Fires-9 (18U Girls)
Pool #2: Entrance/Locker Rooms
7:00 Pool Opens for Warm-up
7:30 Viper Pigeons-5 v. Longhorn-0 (12U)
8:20 St Marks-15 v. Thunder-2 (12U)
9:10 VP Blue Raiders-5 v. Longhorn-0 (14U – 5th Place #1)
10:00 Thun Green-19 v. VP Rail Splitters-6 (14U – Semi Final)
10:50 St Marks-6 v. Thunder White-13 (14U – Semi Final)
11:40 Thunder-5 v. Longhorn-0 (12U – 3rd)
12:30 St Marks-14 v. Viper Pigeons-6 (12U – 1st)
1:20 VP Blue Raiders-5 v. Longhorn-0 (14U – 5th Place #2)
2:10 VP Rail Splitters-7 v. St Marks-9 (14U – 3rd)
3:00 Thunder Green-20 v. Thunder White-13 (14U – 1st)